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Fun Stuff
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It’s a Drone, It’s a GoPro, It’s Superman!

Sun March 29, 2015

Get creative with your GoPro Hero 3 and DJI Phantom II drone, mix in a little post processing green screen magic, et voià, here’s a whimsical video about Superman returning a lost GoPro to its rightful owner. Just for fun, Superman decides to turn the GoPro on and attach it to his head.

How is it really done? Get Behind the Scenes with this video:
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Fun Stuff, Videos

Zoom Into Your Digital Camera’s Microchip

Sat November 22, 2014

A digital camera has many fewer moving parts than a film camera. There’s no need to wind up the film, advance it or rewind it back into the cartridge. So, there’s no film advance lever or rewind knob. What about the dedicated Shutter Speed Dial and Aperture Ring we see on some of the more popular digital cameras? It’s all electronics, controlled by the microchip at the heart of all of our modern electronics. That microchip also converts and processes all the analog data captured onto the image sensor into digital form, performs noise reduction, etc. So, here’s a look at a microchip (although it’s an “old” one), real close.

via Extremetech

Fun Stuff, Videos

How Hard It Used To Be To Take A Simple Picture!

Sat November 15, 2014

You may be an expert in cameras, having used film and all, but to those kids, you (and I) are… ancient! This video is fun to watch but also dates everyone who understands the funny moments.

As technology rolls on, our kids will look back and wonder why cameras ever had mirrors inside, used a memory card and pictures were not instantly accessible everywhere using any device. Why did pictures come out blurred? What is post-processing and why did so-called professionals need to use it to produce images others could not — even when they used the same expensive cameras? And why couldn’t everybody take action-freezing, color perfect, focused anywhere, detail splitting pictures in the blink of an eye?

Those kids in the video who are laughing at us? It’ll be pay-back time soon enough for them when their kids will laugh at them old folks. Just you wait.

via Neatorama

Fun Stuff, Videos

20 years from now, your grandkid will be AMAZED at this “New” device

Sat October 11, 2014

It’s wireless, touch-activated, and amazingly does not require a power source (and hence no need for cables and does not heat up). It’s intuitive (navigation, bookmarking), handheld and features an extra-large expandable hi-definition screen with zero display lag. And you won’t even mind if your kid should accidentally drop it on the floor. The Bookbook… simply amazing!

via ikeahackers

Articles, Fun Stuff

Hack an old camera to build an Infragram

Wed October 23, 2013

As it’s name implies, the Infragram detects near-infrared light and functions as a photosynthesis detector. A what? A detector that detects when plant life is absorbing light energy and converting it into the sugars it needs to survive and grow. Not interested?

Well, the Infragram also captures a lovely alternate color view of nature that goes beyond simple infra-red photography.

For about less than $10, you can convert any old point-and-shoot camera you are about ready to toss out into an Infragram and impress colleagues and friends.

You do have to send your pictures to for post-processing into the final image. In the process, you’ll be helping researchers learn more about the health of our plants.

Read the instructions at: popular science.

WARNING: This procedure involve opening up a camera and accessing various parts. Capacitors that power a camera’s flash can deliver a dangerous shock even long after batteries are removed. Attempt at your own risk.

Articles, Fun Stuff, Videos

It’s Tough To Be A Baby, When Dad Is A Photographer

Sat August 31, 2013

Sam Cornwell and his wife videotaped their newborn son Indigo at least once a day, every day up to a year old. They then took about one video second of each day and made this lovely movie.

A Second a Day from Birth. from Sam Christopher Cornwell on Vimeo.

Fun Stuff

Maps That Actually Make Sense. Or, Where Can’t You Get Fish & Chips?

Thu August 15, 2013

A map of the World can say a lot about countries, giving their longitude and lattitude coordinates and hence their weather, time zone, closeness to “civilization,” whether they are landlocked, maybe even elevation, etc. If you wanted to learn about them, you can read travel books, fact sheets, etc. — or you can see them on a map. For example, if you travel a lot, wouldn’t it be great to be able to see at a glance which countries Google Street View cameras have already mapped (and hence available on your smartphone) — and for which you need to purchase a printed map?

1. Where Google Street View is Available

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Fun Stuff, Videos

Teacher Pranks School Photo… for 40 Years

Fri July 5, 2013

Some people just take a dare too seriously. Dallas Prestonwood Elementary School teacher Dale Irby took up his wife’s dare to wear the same shirt and wool vest for a third year in a row. You see, he had embarassingly worn them for two school photos in a row. Then, he thought he would wear them for five years, then he just kept going… for a total of 40 school photos until he retired this year at the age of 63. Congrats on your retirement, Mr. Irby!

Now, somewhere, there is a school teacher who is giggling quietly as he or she plans the same prank… but, you’ll have to wait 40 years before revealing it.

Read the story at: thestar.

Articles, Fun Stuff

Guess This Image. Hint: Tremendous Explosion In Space.

Sun May 12, 2013

A tremendous explosion has occurred in the nearby universe and major telescopes across Earth and space are investigating. Dubbed GRB 130427A, scientists predict the gamma-ray burst may be the glow of a classic supernova (and black hole). The Earth-orbiting Fermi and Swift satellites were the first to detect the high energies and quickly reported the findings down to Earth. Within minutes, the the half-meter ISON telescope in New Mexico, the 2.0-meter P60 telescope in California, the 1.3-meter PAIRITEL telescope in Arizona, and the 2.0-meter Faulkes Telescope North in Hawaii were investigating. The 8.2-meter Gemini North telescope in Hawaii placed the explosion about 5 billion light years away — considered nearby in cosmological terms.

Just after 3:47 a.m. EDT on Saturday, April 27, the Gamma-ray Burst Monitor on the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope detected the brightest Gamma-ray burst ever seen. The burst produced radiation at energies up to 94 giga-electron volts, about three times higher than the previous record. It also set the record as the longest GRB ever; the GeV emission from the burst lasted for hours, and it remained detectable by the LAT for the better part of a day. An accurate position by the Swift space observatory allowed detection of the burst by ground-based optical, infrared and radio telescopes, making this one of the best-studied GRBs. This GRB was probably produced by the catastrophic death of a massive star that suddenly ran out of nuclear fuel. When this happens, the core of the star collapses into a black hole. Models suggest that as the black hole at the center of the star accretes matter from the star, a powerful jet forms on either side of the black hole. These jets then rip through the star, blowing it apart. GRB 130427A was so bright because it was one of the nearest bursts ever seen, and astronomers are continuing observations, hoping to find the optical supernova associated with the Gamma-ray burst.

View the Before and After images of the space where the explosion occurred.

View an animation of the explosion.

Fun Stuff, Videos

Mamma Mia! Small Car Causes Not So Small Traffic Jam

Thu February 7, 2013

This is hilarious. What starts out as an elderly gentleman in his small car trying to make a U-turn in a narrow Naples street quickly turns into a traffic jam of major Italian proportion.

First, a car approaches from each direction and start beeping the poor guy, who is obviously having difficulty. Then more cars arrive and the cacophony of beepings rise in volume. Soon, a group on motorcycles arrives, one carrying a large round of ham. As though this comedy is not funny enough, here comes a procession on foot with a priest leading it.

Everyone gets involved, tempers flare, hand gestures not yet approved by Apple punctuate the air. His mom (mother-in-law?) in the passenger seat looks mortified and like she is going to faint. Someone even seems to suggest they all pitch in to lift the car. After all, it’s small enough. The driver looks hopelessly stuck. A woman calls for a miracle.

Finally, the priest takes over, standing precariously in front of the car and gently guides the small car and its driver into freedom. The driver gets a round of applause but seems upset by all the tempest in a teapot. The priest lifts his arms up to heaven.

Mr. Bean could not do better…

Moral of the story (for the drivers): instead of criticizing (beeping), get out and help. You’ll be helping yourself.

Moral of the story (for photographers): always have your camera ready to take a still or video. You never know what a golden opportunity looks like.

Whoever is the manufacturer of this small car (Fiat 500?) would not want this video to go viral. Wait, too late…

How to turn this video into a marketing coup: add automatic parallel parking and u-turn to the car!

Fun Stuff, Videos

Shadows, Silhouettes and Lindsey Stirling

Fri January 25, 2013

I love photographing silhouettes. There is something about dark figures against a colorful background. Second best are shadows and this video starts out simply enough with the violinist’s shadow projected on a board behind her. Everything is fine until the shadow decides to do its own thing! The change happens at around the 0:34 mark but even at 0:17, observant eyes would have noticed a lag, indicating it is not really her shadow (or it is, but filmed separately and edited back together). Beautifully played!

When Lindsey Stirling and The Piano Guys get together, it’s explosive!

Fun Stuff, Videos

Zip Round The World on Google Maps and 18 Songs

Wed January 16, 2013

I love Google Maps. You can virtually visit the world. But wait, do it in style by listening to some of the songs that are forever attached to the countries. Courtesy of Google Zeitgeist 2012 and cdza. El Condor Pasa, anyone?

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