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Featured Site
Featured Site

The Man Who Shoots Faster Than His Own Shadow

Tue January 15, 2013

Remember Lucky Luke, the friendly sheriff who is faster than his own shadow?

PoL Úbeda Hervàs is a photographer who seems to be faster than his own shadow since we see his shadow in the pictures but the photographer is nowhere to be seen. Titled “I’m not there,” the series consists of photos of the photographer’s shadow in various locations — with the photographer erased.

These pictures are the way I see myself now.
My shadow is there but I erase myself because I don´t know who I am any longer.
The shoes remain only to make sure there is something more than… a shadow.

Visit our Featured Site: I’m not there.

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Featured Site

Still Life [Food] Photography With A Message

Thu January 3, 2013

Sedef Isik does not so much as take pictures of food than create pictures in which food tells a story. Her pictures are original and whimsy, yet with a serious message. Other still life conceptual art features ants, gold fish, snail, and even an old Petri 35mm film SLR camera.

Visit our Featured Site: Sedef Isik.

via digitalcameraworld

Featured Site

Cool Photo Project: 365 Things in 365 Days

Wed January 2, 2013

You get a lot done in one year. If you’re keeping tabs, that is.

John Loerchner and Laura Mendes decided to make New Year resolutions during the first few weeks of January 2012 and have been steadily knocking them off their list one at a time. How is this possible, you ask, when most of us common humans can’t even keep one resolution, never mind 365?

Well, as most experts will recommend, keep your resolutions attainable. Write down the things that interest you. Tailor them to your interests, your time schedule, your finance, your spirit (or lack thereof) of adventure.

Take a look at their 365thingsin365days photo blog and notice how many “things” are really, really easy to do. Others require more elaborate planning and time (and money) investment. Or, as Laura wrote on their Day 1 entry:

Most of the reasons for not doing the things we want to do have little to do with the usual suspects (i.e. lack of time or money) but rather, choice. The choice to NOT do them. Strange logic, I know. But really, think about all the things that you want to do in your life that you could do pretty easily but don’t, simply because you choose not to do them.

Got a brand new camera but lacking motivation to do much with it (or with your still great current camera)? This may be a cool photo project if you’re looking to jumpstart your photography this new year. Do it as a family, do it as a couple (as John and Laura so beautifully did) or do it just by yourself. If you don’t see any posts for the next few days, it may be that I am busily writing my list.

Visit our Featured Site: 365thingsin365days.

Notes: You don’t need to get all tied up in knots if you don’t do one every day. Knock off a couple in one day, take a sick day off, don’t set an end date (as the Mayan Calendar did or didn’t). Enjoy, let the creative juice flow. If you are doing this project as a couple or family, let it bring you closer not stress you out. Just because an item is on your list does not mean you HAVE to do it. You’re in charge. Change your mind. Strike it off the list. Add a new one. Have fun.

via thestar

Featured Site

With Love, Photos From New York City

Fri December 7, 2012

It’s not often that we see photos taken at almost ground level. Tom Olesnevich mounted a camera on his bike to capture everyday shots as he bikes around New York City. However, instead of conventionally mounting the camera to his helmet or on the bike’s handlebar, he chose to instead mount it lower down for a new and refreshing perspective. Meant as a photographic love letter to NYC, it seems to us the photos are also a letter of love from NYC to the rest of the world always fascinated with that city.

During the spring of 2012 I sought to capture and highlight the best of what riding my bicycle in NYC looks like and means to me. This, then, is my love letter to NYC.

View our Featured Site: nyc by bike.

Featured Site

Spacetime Photography by Jay Mark Johnson

Mon November 12, 2012

Our Featured Site is the beautiful photography (yes, it’s photography, not Photoshoppy) of Jay Mark Johnson using a slit camera. It reverses everything: moving subjects are caught as though stationary and stationary objects are blurred.

Apparently, a similar slit-scan technique is used to make the stretch effect of the Start Trek Enterprise going to warp speed.

Visit our Featured Site: Jay Mark Johnson.

via newscientist

Featured Site

Electron Microscope Photography

Mon September 10, 2012

Under the electron microscope, the common takes on a whole new perspective. Electron microscope supplier FEI shows off their products by the images they capture: ink on a ten dollar bill, a tick embedded into skin, beautiful butterfly wings and spider skin, snowflakes, even our body’s immune cells at war.

Visit our Featured Site: FEI Flickr Photostream.

via io9

Featured Site

The Colors of Human

Tue July 10, 2012

While scientists decode the human genome, what’s a photographer to do? Angelica Dass has the perfect answer: she has started a fascinating project to document every single tone of the human skin. It’s a chromatic inventory, if you please, of the human race usibg the PANTONE® color scheme*.

The project development is based on a series of portraits whose background is dyed with the exact Pantone® tone extracted from a sample of 11×11 pixels of the portrayed’s face. The project’s objective is to record and catalog all possible human skin tones.

She pegs herself at PANTONE 7522C.

Visit our Featured Site: Humanae.

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Featured Site

Ben Heine Photography and New Pencil vs Camera

Wed July 4, 2012
Pencil Vs Camera - 68 ©Ben Heine 2012 –

Pencil Vs Camera - 68 ©Ben Heine 2012 –

Pencil Vs Camera – 68 “It’s always nice to be in good company”

Artist Ben Heine has added to his growing and impressive collection of Pencil Vs Camera artwork. I like that the colored sketches on black paper adds a time dimension, giving a night time feel to the pencil portion of the artwork.

Pencil Vs Camera - 66 ©Ben Heine 2012 –

Pencil Vs Camera - 66 ©Ben Heine 2012 –

Pencil Vs Camera – 66 “A bird with some electronic powers”

Follow the link for each picture and you will also find a link to the work in progress.

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Featured Site

Every Ant Species In The World In High Resolution 3D

Wed July 4, 2012

Brian Fisher and his colleagues at the California Academy of Sciences want to count, photograph in high resolution 3D and catalog every species of ants in the world. And they have been busy: as of May of 2012, AntWeb contains 77,510 ant images, comprising 18,508 specimens representing more than 8,304 species. They take more than one photo for a species to account for the many morphological differences among individual ant castes: queens, workers, soldiers, and ants of different ages may all look very different, despite belonging to the same species. In addition, they want to capture every hair, proboscis, antenna and eye. It is amazing how many different species of ants there are.

Visit our Featured Site: AntWeb.

via popsci

Featured Site

Primary School Photography Ban Reversed

Sat June 16, 2012

A primary [elementary] school student, Martha Payne (aka Veg), started to take pictures of the lunch sold at her school cafetaria and posting it on her blog, NeverSeconds. She also does a kind of review of the meal: as in, how tasty it is, health rating, price, and even pieces of hair found in it. The school itself has been supportive, but the school council [board] decided to ban her photography, citing distress on catering staff serving the food.

Her blog has a purpose: to raise enough money to buy a Mary’s Meal kitchen in Malawi.

Of course, public outcry over the ban knocked a dollop of good old fashion common sense back into the heads of the councillors who quickly beat a retreat and hid behind their ineffective mumblings of wanting to do what’s best.

Martha Payne’s social conscience, photography, writing and blogging abilities are A+ in our books. Well done!

Visit our Featured Site: NeverSeconds.

via BJP

Featured Site

How to determine the authenticity of a photo

Fri June 1, 2012

Since it is now so easy to digitally manipulate a photo, can the latter be used in a courtroom anymore as photographic evidence? Ever since I first “discovered” way back that professional landscape photographers digitally enhanced and even doctored their images to produce those eye-catching “where in the world did they get this light” images, I have been suspicious of all the beautiful faux landscapes.

But can you really tell if a photo has been digitally doctored? Fourandsix Technologies wants to give you the tools to do just that, vowing to help you reveal the truth behind every photograph. It’s akin to using DNA to figure out if a photo has been doctored or is the real thing.

Fourandsix Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to the nascent field of image forensics—the analysis of digital images to determine their origin, editing history, and authenticity, or to reveal latent details that might be hard to discover with the naked eye. Our mission is to provide the tools that allow our customers to find the truth contained within every image.

Visit our Featured Site: Fourandsix Technologies.

via pdn

Featured Site

ILOTT Vintage Rangefinder Cameras

Wed May 30, 2012

ILOTT Vintage takes beautifully engineered rangefinder film cameras, carefully and lovingly restores them, then takes them out on assignment. A distinctive feature is the replacement of worn-out leather with premium quality wood veneers tailored to each camera for a unique, elegant appearance. So far, they have restored: Argus C3, Canonet, Canonet QL17, Minolta Hi-Matic 9, Konica Auto S2, and Minolta Hi-Matic 7/7s. Pictured is the beautiful Canonet QL17 — which we are hoping Canon would take inspiration from when it introduces its compact mirrorless.

Visit our Featured Site: ILOTT Vintage to admire these restored rangefinder cameras and the pictures taken with them.

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