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Behind The Scenes
Behind The Scenes, Videos

Octographer Behind The Scenes

Mon April 20, 2015

We knew that an octopus is a pretty smart creature, now we know that it is also curious and not afraid to interact with whatever we put before it, even a waterproof Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30 digital camera.

The camera is attached to the aquarium, facing the onlookers and, as the octopus slides a tentacle into the shutter slot and pushes down, a picture of the onlookers is captured.

The first rig did not survive the octopus’ curiosity, ending up with a smashed rig and camera. Nor did rigs number two to six. Eventually, rig #7 (or is it #8) survives. Not sure if the pictures the octopus took were wirelessly transferred to a large screen as they were being taken. I don’t believe the TX30 has Wi-Fi. Now, that would have been cool! Quick, somebody do that!

Here’s the Behind the Scenes video:

Behind The Scenes, Fun Stuff, Videos

It’s a Drone, It’s a GoPro, It’s Superman!

Sun March 29, 2015

Get creative with your GoPro Hero 3 and DJI Phantom II drone, mix in a little post processing green screen magic, et voià, here’s a whimsical video about Superman returning a lost GoPro to its rightful owner. Just for fun, Superman decides to turn the GoPro on and attach it to his head.

How is it really done? Get Behind the Scenes with this video:
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Behind The Scenes, Videos

Is the iPhone 5s All You Need? Bentley Ad Seems To Agree.

Mon May 19, 2014

To show off the “Intelligent Details” in the 2014 Bentley Mulsanne ($300K), especially the in-car connectivity and entertainment platform, Bentley chose to shoot a B&W commercial using the iPhone 5s and edit it in the back seat of the car using an Apple iPad Air. Of course, add on lenses, external keyboards, tripods, and expensive video stabilizer bars are liberally thrown in.

In the video, we see the “picnic tables” (which are apparently crafted from solid metal, fine veneer and hide) which are designed to accommodate an iPad and a wireless keyboard.

The video is a pretty impressive feat, but I doubt it is as easy as it is shown to be. Anyone who has ever shot and edited a movie knows the amount of shooting, reshooting and hours of painstaking editing it all takes — and it certainly does not take a couple of minutes editing on an iPad Air in the back seat of a car.

The iPhone 5s (any other smartphone) may well be all that you need for a point-and-shoot camera and video camera. But just take all the ads with a healthy grain of salt.

via The Loop

Behind The Scenes, Videos

Making of Panorama of One World Trade Center

Sun March 9, 2014

The challenges facing the TIME crew in taking a unique 360° panorama of the new One World Trade Center is explored in this video. The picture is taken at 1,776 feet and the crew had never climbed the tower before, so designed a jib contraption in Autocad using blueprints of the tower, taking into consideration strong winds, vibration, etc.

An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how TIME scaled the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and snapped an historic photographic panorama.

via LaughingSquid

Behind The Scenes, Videos

Von Wong Nikon Symphony Behind the Scenes

Tue July 9, 2013

Take 14 Nikon DSLRs (total worth @ $30,000, courtesy of Nikon Professional Services Canada), compose a symphony (Andrew Kesler) and play it using the shutter sound from the 14 cameras.

Read the story at: Von Wong

View Benjamin Von Wong’s Flickr Portfolio

Here is the original video

via focusnumérique

Behind The Scenes, Videos

How To Do The Time Slice Camera Special Effect

Mon July 1, 2013

The “time slice” effect is often used in action movies when an actor appears frozen in time as a camera spins around him or her.

This behind the scenes video explains how it’s done using ordinary digital still cameras. [Hint: you’ll need more than one.]

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Behind The Scenes, Videos

Clever Props Arrangement Gives An Optical Illusion of 4 Photos When It’s In fact 1.

Sun June 23, 2013

For the cover art of VLP – Terrain, Bela Borsodi carefully arranged the props such that the scene before him looked like 4 different scenes. The accompanying behind the scenes video shows how carefully the props were positioned — and repositioned — to give the desired effect.

via colossal

Behind The Scenes, Videos

Light Painting With A Wakeboard

Mon April 15, 2013

Photos that incorporate light painting are fascinating. Usually it involves a person painting with a light source while leaving the shutter of the camera open during the process. Now imagine strapping different colored LEDs to a wakeboard and photographing the wakeboarders doing their thing. The result is fantastic!

Mike Dowdy, Adam Errington, and Dallas Friday strap lights to their wakeboards and join with light painter, Patrick Rochon, in an effort to capture the inherent emotion and creativity of athleticism.

Read more and view the Behind the scenes video at: Redbull Illume.

via colossal

Behind The Scenes, Fun Stuff, Videos

Camera Warfare Behind The Scenes

Thu July 26, 2012

Here’s the Behind the Scenes of “Camera Warfare.” Devin Graham directed this tongue-in-cheek video of WWII warring factions using cameras instead of guns. No Canon DSLRs [used as props as well as to film the video] were harmed in the making of this video.

via focus numérique

View the original video after the break »

Behind The Scenes, Videos

CREATE: Li Wei, Photographer, Magician, Artist

Tue July 24, 2012

We have all seen and been amazed by the “gravity defying” photography of Li Wei. People seem to hang in mid air, about to fall from skyscrapers, buried to the neck or crashing through walls. How does he create these works of art [which are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity]?

The Creators Project video gives a Behind the Scenes look at how Li Wei creates these photographs with cranes, wires, mirror, scaffolding, acrobatics. And, of course, Photoshop. However, the people are actually hanging precariously from outside the windows of skyscrapers and Photoshop is used in these cases to erase the physical wires keeping the people from falling to their certain death.

Of course, Li Wei is not the only photographer who has featured levitation as a theme in their photography. The Creators Project highlights 5 other such photographers. In fact, there are many other interesting videos from photographers around the world on the site. Well worth a visit.

Visit the creators project

via focus numérique

Behind The Scenes, Videos

Ron Howard’s Project Imagin8ion “When You Find Me”

Sat June 2, 2012

Project Imagin8ion is a collaboration between Canon and Ron Howard. It is the first ever user-generated photo contest that invited consumers to submit photographs that Howard would then use as inspiration to a Hollywood production. The result is “When you find me,” directed by Bryce Dallas Howard.

See the 8 winning photographs at the Project Imagin8ion YouTube channel.

Here’s the Behind the Scenes:

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Behind The Scenes, Videos

Photographer Gregory Crewdson At Work

Thu March 1, 2012

Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters Trailer from Benjamin Shapiro on Vimeo.

This is a trailer video of photographer Gregory Crewdson at work. It’s a behind the scenes view of how he sets up for a shoot and gives an intimate peek into the creative process behind his images.

via pdnpulse

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