Toyota Apologizes For Using Flickr Pictures

Thu November 5, 2009

Lots of people now use Flickr pictures to illustrate articles and even digital photography tutorials (giving the false impression they know what they are talking about).

Now Toyota U.S.A. has apologized to Flickr photographers for using (about 40) Flickr images without their permission in its 4Runner SUV ad.

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What Is Exposure Value

Tue November 3, 2009

You’ve seen it on some web sites where instead of giving the shutter speed and aperture used to take a picture, the exposure value (EV) is given instead. A shutter speed/aperture combination is an exposure value and many cameras now have Program Shift which allows you to shift the shutter speed/aperture in tandem to maintain the same exposure value. But for those who like to use their camera in Manual mode, Rod Lawton, of, has made available a free download of his handy Exposure Value Guide.

[ Download the Exposure Value Guide (pdf) at: ]

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Astrophotography with a Canon 500mm/4.5L lens

Tue November 3, 2009

Bob Atkins has an interesting article on how he used a Canon 500mm telephoto lens and a 2x multiplier to take pictures of Jupiter and its moons. If you already have this lens, then you’ve got to read this article.

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Canon Lucky 4

Wed October 28, 2009

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

In Chinese, the number 4 rhymes with “death”, is therefore considered unlucky and is generally avoided. That is why you might have a hard time selling your house with one or more “4”s in the street number to a traditional Chinese family. But this superstition has, as far as I am aware of, not extended to electronic products. Canon has no problem with naming its product with the digit “4” in it, as in “Digic 4″ and now the “EOS 1D Mark IV [Specs].” In fact, Tsunemasa Ohara, senior general manager, Photo Products Group at Canon Inc. states categorically in a BJP interview, “We don’t think 4 is unlucky.

No, but perhaps “7” (considered a “good” number by some cultures) is, as in the “Ghosting phenomenon” in the EOS 7D [Specs]?

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Small Cameras, Large Sensors, The Challenge

Tue October 27, 2009

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1

The future is clearly compact digital cameras with large sensors, like the Panasonic GF1 [Specs], pictured above. But, the first generation of such digital cameras face some real technological challenges and many are wondering why. To find out, Dan Havlik, PDN’s Technology Specialist, talks to representatives from Sigma, Olympus and Leica to find out what is so tough about putting a large image sensor into a small camera body — and what they see for the future.

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Fall Foliage Photography @ Bob Atkins

Sun October 25, 2009

One of the advantages of having four seasons is the glorious Fall foliage. Bob Atkins has great tips on how best to capture these shots, including the use of filters and post processing in the digital era to bring out the true Fall colors.

[ Read the Fall Foliage Photography tutorial at: Bob Atkins ]

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Nikon D3 Fights “Crime” in The Netherlands

Mon October 19, 2009

Nikon D3

Nikon D3

The Nikon D3’s fast continuous shooting of 9fps has made it the digital SLR camera of choice for the police force in The Netherlands [map].

The Nikon D3 is fixed behind the windshield of a police car which is then driven across the area of a car accident (involving serious or fatal injuries), shooting at 9 frames per second. Where it used to take 20 minutes to record a 70-meter track, it now takes a mere 30 seconds. Why the D3? Besides its fast continuous shooting speed, its low light capability also played a determining factor.


The New [Real] China

Sun October 18, 2009

Associated Press photographer Elizabeth Dalziel has published her collection of photos on China. Especially revealing is Picture #7 of Chinese youth practice military drills outside of their school. A look at their dour faces says it all: the new generation is NOT the brain-washed youth of past eras.

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Overcoming Photographer’s Block

Wed October 14, 2009

If your photography has become stale and you need some ideas on how to get the creative juices flowing again, John Sevigny offers 5 tried and proven steps.

[ Read Overcoming Photographer's Block at: BlackStar Rising ]


How to Frame a Picture @ TrustedReviews

Sun October 11, 2009

TrustedReviews has posted a tutorial on how to frame a picture.

Read the How to frame a picture tutorial at: TrustedReviews


Should Image Quality be Judged Online or in Print

Sat September 26, 2009

Interesting article at Luminous Landscape on “The Fallacy of Judging Image Quality Online.” The gist of the article is that too many people are trying to judge the quality of a camera by pixel peeping online versus evaluating the prints it can produce.


Viral Marketing for Photographers

Fri September 25, 2009

“Customer Service” is a dirty word for most businesses. Sometimes, the blame lies at the very top and permeates down the whole organization; at other times, it is just one cog in the wheel that is not well oiled.

Sean Cayton gives photographers three simple “golden” rules that will ensure that customers spread their names and businesses by word of mouth in “Three Rules for Earning Good Word of Mouth for Your Photography Business.”

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