America’s Prettiest Cities

Sun April 25, 2010

If you are planing a Summer vacation, then here are 8 of America’s prettiest cities as listed by Forbes:

  1. Union, Washington
  2. Crescent City, California
  3. Deadwood, South Dakota
  4. Cape May, New Jersey
  5. Marfa, Texas
  6. Savannah, Georgia
  7. Lake Placid, New York
  8. Guttenberg, Iowa

They should provide lots of great photography opportunities to try out your new DSLR and lenses.

Read the article at: Yahoo! Travel


Kindness, It’s Just Business.

Sun April 25, 2010

Is “Kindness” the next business fad? In the pursuit of the mighty dollar, will companies start to “act kind” toward their customers because it gives them a competitive advantage? Or will we start to realize that the Golden Rule simply works — even in business?

Discuss it at: Six Pixels of Separation

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New York Civil Liberties Union Seeks Public Photography Rights

Sat April 24, 2010

The New York Civil Liberties Union is suing the United States Department of Homeland Security in a bid to legalise photography in public places surrounding federal buildings such as courthouses.

Read the article at: BJP.

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Gallery Pioneers Digital Exhibition of Photos

Sat April 24, 2010

Most professional photographers judge cameras by the prints they produce, not by pixel peeping at the digital files. After all, prestigious galleries print and hang their work up for all to see and enjoy. Not anymore.

The Annenberg Foundation opened the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles, California last year. It is a world-class exhibition space for photography and has now combined a traditional print gallery with a cutting-edge digital exhibition system. Other art institutions are taking notice.

Read the article at: PDN


Fourth Grader & The Secret to Good Photography

Sat April 24, 2010

Steve’s Digicams highlights the award winning photography of Carson Clark, a 10-year old fourth grader who’s entered and won several nature photo contests. What is his secret to good photography?

Read the article at: Steve’s Digicams.


Panasonic most reliable manufacturer of Point and Shoot Cameras

Fri April 23, 2010

SquareTrade, the largest independent warranty provider and the only warranty consistently rated 5-stars by consumers, has made a PDF report available looking at over 60,000 new digital cameras covered by SquareTrade Camera Warranty plans and found that Panasonic has the most reliable point-and-shoot digital cameras.

2 Year Malfunction Rate ‐Value Cameras (Under $300):

  • Panasonic (5.3%)
  • Fujifilm (6.1%)
  • Olympus (6.2%)
  • Sony (6.2%)
  • Canon (6.4%)
  • Kodak (7.6%)
  • Nikon (7.9%)
  • Pentax (8.2%)
  • Polaroid (11.9%)
  • Casio (13.0%)

2 Year Malfunction Rate of Premium Point and Shoot Cameras ($300‐500):

  • Panasonic (1.9%)
  • Nikon (3.1%)
  • Sony (3.6%)
  • Olympus (4.2%)
  • Canon (6.2%)

Download the report at: SquareTrade.

[ via Imaging Resource Newsletter ]

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Give A Lift To Your Elevator Speech

Fri April 23, 2010

If you want to turn your photogaphy hobby into a career, it’s more than just taking great pictures. David Weintraub who teaches the “Freelancing for Creative Professionals” course at the University of South Carolina’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications explains in clear examples why an “Elevator Speech” may be just what you need to clarify in your own mind [and that of a potential client] how you stand out from your competitors.

Read the article at: BlackStar Rising


Sein Reid on the Ricoh GXR

Thu April 22, 2010

Ricoh GXR

Ricoh GXR

Sein Reid writes about the Ricoh GXR [QuickPrice Check] on Luminous Landscape.

Read the article on: Luminous Landscape.


TIPA Awards 2010

Thu April 22, 2010

TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) has published their 2010 award winners.

Nikon rules in the pro category:

  • Best D-SLR Professional: Nikon D3s

Canon swept 3 of the top awards:

  • Best DSLR Expert: Canon EOS 7D
  • Best DSLR Advanced: Canon EOS Rebel T2i / 550D
  • Best Expert Compact Camera: Canon PowerShot G11

Not surprisingly, Panasonic and Olympus are at the top of the Compact System category (aka “mirrorless DSLR”):

  • Best Compact System Advanced Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2
  • Best Compact System Camera Entry Level: Olympus PEN E-PL1

Pentax gets an award for a DSLR for the beginners:

  • Best DSLR Entry-Level: Pentax K-x

Fujifilm rules in the superzoom category and wins with 3D technology:

  • Best Superzoom Camera: Fujifilm FinePix HS10
  • Best Imaging Innovation: Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D Technology

Sony gets the compact digicam award:

  • Best Compact Camera: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V

Casio is rugged:

  • Best Rugged Coompact Camera: Casio Exilim EX-G1

View the complete list of winners at: TIPA


Nikon Changing of the Guard @ byThom

Tue April 20, 2010

Thom Hogan has an interesting article (search for “Changing of the Guard” April 20) concerning the changing of the guard at Nikon. Apparently Nikon has studied the DSLR market carefully and come to a couple of conclusions:
The DSLR market is saturated, i.e. everyone who wanted a DSLR now pretty much has one.
The upgrade market (to a new version) is small by comparison.

Read the article at: Thom Hogan (search for “Changing of the Guard” April 20).

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Articles, Videos

Gizmodo Scoops The Next iPhone

Mon April 19, 2010

Steve Jobs must be hopping mad that Gizmodo seems to have gotten its paws on the next iPhone and shown it online for the whole world to see. Apple has sued and put sites out of business for less than that. It looks cool, though.


What is a Canadian, eh?

Mon April 19, 2010

A Canadian (summarized, of course, by Reader’s Digest) is most likely to … bank at TD and RBC, eat Kellogg’s cereal, drive a Toyota, use a VISA credit card, get insurance from Sun Life, fill up at ESSO gas stations, feed their dog Iams pet food, enjoy Campbell’s soup, bake with Robin Hood flour, butter their toast with Becel margarine, pop a Pepto-Bismol to calm a stomach upset, slap on Coppertone for sun protection, drive a Toyota or Ford SUV, drive a Ford pickup truck, fly Air Canada, take pictures with a Canon digital camera, get their entertainment using Sony products, smell good with Old Spice, avoid perspiration with Secret deodorant, get allergy relief with Claritin, wake up with Maxwell House coffee, stay at a Holiday Inn & Best Western when traveling, communicate with a BlackBerry, stay entertained on the road with an Apple gizmo, cool down with Breyers & Chapman’s ice cream, buy and sell a house with RE/MAX, gulp down a Buckley’s cold remedy, and… keep going with Duracell batteries.

Read the survey at: Reader’s Digest.

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