Olympus PEN E-PL7: Share Beautifully + Overview Videos

Thu August 28, 2014

This video presents Share beautifully with the new Olympus PEN EPL-7.

Introducing the smartest PEN yet! Built to deliver outstanding image quality with its ultra high speed, one-touch selfie capabilities and easy Smartphone sharing.

The following video presents Olympus PEN E-PL7 Overview:


Pentax K-S1 DSLR Camera: Product Video

Wed August 27, 2014

This video presents Unveiling the PENTAX K-S1.

Experience photography in a new light with the PENTAX K-S1. Whether you’re new to photography or a skilled enthusiast, the K-S1 offers you the ability to take your imaging to the next level. The K-S1 incorporates new elements that optimize digital innovations, such as a compact, modern design and an inventive interface system.


Canadian Photographer Sarah Anne Johnson Will Create Toronto’s First Monumental Photographic Mural: To Be Completed by May 1, 2015

Wed August 27, 2014

Canadian artist/photographer Sarah Anne Johnson will be commissioned to create the City of Toronto’s first monumental photographic mural.

  • It will be located at 11 Bay St. and near Toronto’s waterfront area.
  • This large-scale photographic image will be created for the west-facing wall of the Westin Harbour Castle Convention Centre.
    • The 12-metre-tall by 44-metre-wide wall for this commissioned artwork is shown in the Google image below.
Left: The west-facing wall of the Westin Harbour Castle Conference Centre. Image by Google.

Left: The west-facing wall of the Westin Harbour Castle Conference Centre. Image by Google.

Sarah Anne Johnson works in various mediums, focusing on themes of nature and idealism…For her series “Artic Wonderland” (2010-11), Johnson took photos in the Arctic Circle and altered them using paint, Photoshop, and techniques of embossing and printmaking. “I do this to create a more honest image,” she says. “To show not just what I saw, but how I feel about what I saw.”


Winnipeg-based artist Sarah Anne Johnson won the inaugural Grange Prize for contemporary photography in 2008.

Tree-planting experience in British Columbia and travels to the Galapagos Islands have led Johnson to explore the link between labour and utopia, community and landscape. Johnson holds a BFA from the University of Manitoba and an MFA from Yale.

Canadian Art

Construction of the mural is scheduled to be completed by May 1, 2015 — in time for the opening of the Contact Photography festival and the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games.

Beginning with Lake Ontario and Toronto Island as her subject, Johnson’s site-specific new work will transform this grey city block into a magical place.

Bonnie Rubenstein, Artistic Director of Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


August 26, 2014

Giant photographic mural in the works for Toronto’s waterfront area

The City of Toronto’s StreetARToronto (StART) program announced today that it has been selected by Partners In Art – the volunteer-based not-for-profit group of Toronto contemporary art supporters – to receive funding support to help create the city’s first monumental photographic mural. It will be located near Toronto’s waterfront.

Working with the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, this joint partnership will provide a rare opportunity to commission a site-specific photographic artwork for the enjoyment of Toronto residents and visitors.

Thanks to a $50,000 donation by Partners In Art (PIA), the StART program, in association with Contact, will commission Canadian artist Sarah Anne Johnson to create a large-scale, site-specific photographic image for the west-facing wall of the Westin Harbour Castle Convention Centre at 11 Bay St. This site was selected due to its busy location and unique characteristics. The block-long building at the foot of Bay Street offers a unique wall surface that is suitable for a massive mural.

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Fujifilm X30 Large-sensored Premium Compact Camera: Product Videos

Tue August 26, 2014

This video presents FUJIFILM X30 Promotional Video.

The joy of shooting is back.

Heralding Fujifilm’s the third-generation of large-sensored premium compacts, the new X30 has evolved from the innovative technologies of the best-selling X10 and X20 cameras.

The following video presents Fuji Guys – Fujifilm X30 – First Look Preview:

Articles, Press Releases

“Clean Air: A Basic Right” Exhibit: Photographers in Pictou County Can Submit Works by Sept.6, 2014

Sat August 23, 2014

This video presents “Northern Pulp Mill and Pictou, NS – July 27, 2014.”

A very putrid and sickening day in Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada. This is far from an isolated occurence. In an interview with CBC, David MacKenzie, spokesperson for Northern Pulp readily admits that Northern Pulp is not in compliance with it’s regulatory emissions. This was not new information. The Nova Scotia Department of the environment allows stake holders to exceed limits if they have a plan and are working towards compliance. A Scrubber filter in the plant broke down in 2006. The Department of Environment says they were not aware until 2008. The precipitator on the recovery boilder has had issues since 2011. There have been two directives (in 2012 and early 2013) that the DOE has given Northern Pulp to come under compliance. Northern Pulp are working towards this and says this should be completed by spring 2015. In the mean time, emissions have ridiculously exceeded limits and Northern Pulp are setting records in production without fear of being shut down due to excessive particulate matter. Pictou County already has the highest levels when it comes to cancer mortality rate in Nova Scotia according to Government of Canada Stats.

Photo by Matt Gunning‎: Clean up the Pictou County Pulp Mill.

Photo by Matt Gunning‎: Clean up the Pictou County Pulp Mill.




Gerry Farrell, director of Palliative Care at the Aberdeen Hospital in New Glasgow and local photographer and Marianne Fraser, retired professional photographer, are organizing an exhibition of photography. They are seeking works by photographers who are affected, moved and/or inspired by the issue of toxic emissions of the Northern Pulp Mill in Pictou and the effects it has on health, the environment and the general wellbeing of the people in Pictou County.

The purpose of this exhibition is to raise awareness of the magnitude of the impact of the emissions of the Northern Pulp Mill on human life and the environment as a whole. With due consideration of the livelihood of its employees and the people who work in the sub industries, this exhibition seeks attention to the fact that the people in Pictou County and surrounding areas, can’t live any longer with the unacceptable toxic pollution that destroys their health, environment and community.

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Talk to Your Children About Sharing Personal Images and Videos on the Internet

Sat August 23, 2014

School is a little bit more than one week away and parents and their children are busy preparing their school supplies and wardrobe. Besides the requisite pencils, erasers and copybooks, today’s tech savvy children also carry smartphones, cameras, tablets and/or laptops. Snapchat, Facebook, and text messaging are standard communication tools for many students, who have no qualms sharing personal information, pictures and videos on the Internet.

While Canadian schoolchildren today may be more digitally savvy than their parents, their online activities may not always be safe and don’t always meet with parental approval. A McAfee study conducted earlier this year found 76 per cent of Canadian youth admit to hiding online behaviour from their parents and 56 per cent have visited websites or viewed videos their parents would disapprove of. More statistics from the survey are available at

For children today, the school experience can be far different from that of their parents, and they may think that parents do not understand their generation. With all the technology available to today’s students come new responsibilities for parents. To help bridge the gap between generations and start a conversation between parents and children, McAfee offers some tips parents can use to help protect their children:

  • Turn off GPS services – disabling GPS helps keep children invisible to strangers.
  • Enable privacy settings – this helps keep children’s personal information private.
  • Teach them what is inappropriate to share – many teens and tweens underestimate the danger of sharing contact information (e-mail addresses, phone numbers and home addresses) and personal images and videos.

Children may balk at these restrictions and it’s a perfect time to start a conversation about the importance of digital privacy. Probably the most important thing parents can do to protect their children (especially teens) is to keep communication lines open. This means to respect them, listen to them and support them. Starting the conversation with older children may not be easy but it will tell them that you are always there for them.

View the survey stats:


Rating The Cuteness of a Photo

Tue August 12, 2014

© University of Lincoln

© University of Lincoln

There is no argument that we, adults, find some photos and videos of babies, puppies and kittens cute — and that is one reaosn they go viral on the Internet.

But researchers at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità in Rome and at the University of Lincoln in the UK wanted to know just how young this “cute response” start at. Do babies also react to cute images of other babies, puppies and kittens?

To find out, they devised experiments that used eye-trackers to track the gazes of British children between the ages of 3 and 6. They digitally manipulated 120 pictures of adult humans, babies, dogs, puppies, cats and kittens to give them a stereotypical “cuteness”: a round face, high forehead, big eyes and a small nose and mouth.

© University of Lincoln

© University of Lincoln

The results of the experiments, published in the Frontiers of Psychology, showed that children rated images of adult dogs as cuter than both cats and humans. They also rated puppies and kittens as cuter than other babies. Next, the researchers want to know if the same results apply to newborns.

Read the research at: Frontiers of Psychology

via popsci


Creative Photoblogging by Carefree Photographers: “Lens Between Us”

Sat August 9, 2014

Peter Sedláčik and Žužu Suzan Gálová are photographing each other for their photoblog "Lens Between Us". Image by Milos Mlynarik.

Peter Sedláčik and Žužu Suzan Gálová are photographing each other for their photoblog “Lens Between Us”. Image by Milos Mlynarik.

Peter Sedláčik and Žužu Suzan Gálová show us a creative and fun way to travel and blog about their adventures. They shoot photographs of each other and their surroundings from opposite viewpoints.

Glebe, Sydney, Australia is their home now. They have photoblogged many countries including Singapore,  Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Hungary.

They are carefree photographers who are passionate about photography and travel.

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Constructed Photographs by Marcela Ochman: Constructed Memories Exhibition Aug.7-Sept.2, 2014

Thu August 7, 2014

Exposure Gallery and the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO)


Constructed Photographs by Marcela Ochman

Exhibition: August 7 – September 2, 2014
Vernissage: Thursday, August 7, 6:00 PM– 8:00 PM

2nd Floor Studio of Thyme and Again
1255 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“Memories of our experiences connect to form the basis of who we are as individuals. There appears to be a strong connection between human memory and the photographs we take.

Simply put, a photo is information about past light that we can perceive in present time. Similarly, memories are the affects of our past experiences on our present self.

Time can alter and distort our memories, but in the photographs we keep those memories are revived anew, allowing us the pleasure of revisiting places and times spent with friends and family.

Marcela Ochman’s constructed photographs commingle images from the past and present, enriching her compositions with a deeper subtext involving time, places and people that inhabit her most cherished memories.”

Jennifer Crossman
School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa

Constructed Memories is Ochman‘s first solo exhibition in Canada.

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You’re Invited: Leica Store San Francisco Grand Opening August 15 – 17, 2014

Wed August 6, 2014

Leica Store San Francisco

Leica Store San Francisco

You are invited to stop in and check out Leica Camera’s new store and celebrate with them in San Francisco, California, USA.

Here is your invite.

Join us at the opening on August 15, 16 & 17, 2014.
Leica Store San Francisco
463 Bush Street,
San Francisco, CA 94108
Tel.: 415-801-5061Leica Camera invites you to join us for the Leica Store San Francisco Grand Opening. Come experience our celebration of 100 years of Leica photography and the opening of this unique new Leica destination.

Leica Camera shares the passion for photography with many people around the world. It is the fascination of capturing a moment and the creative act of preserving it in a unique image.This is why Leica Camera has been designing and constructing new destinations showcasing the unique experience of owning and photographing with a Leica camera.As a part of the Leica Store San Francisco¹s opening celebrations we are offering several exciting photographic experiences.
Please see below for details and join us to experience Leica first hand.

Your Leica Camera team.

Store and gallery hours: Mon. – Fri. 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. & Sat. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.



Massive, undetectable security flaw found in USB: Only plug USB devices you trust

Sun August 3, 2014

Security researchers at Security Research Labs in Berlin have found a fundamental flaw (dubbed BadUSB) in USB devices that allows any compromised USB device to take over your computer. There are no known effective defenses against this variety of USB attack and solutions are estimated to be months and even years away.

The vulnerability arises because USB controllers can have their firmware easily reprogrammed so that they announce themselves as a different device type, a versality that has made USB extremely popular. However, benign devices can also be reprogrammed to turn malicious:

  1. A device can emulate a keyboard and issue commands on behalf of the logged-in user, for example to exfiltrate files or install malware. Such malware, in turn, can infect the controller chips of other USB devices connected to the computer.
  2. The device can also spoof a network card and change the computer’s DNS setting to redirect traffic.
  3. A modified thumb drive or external hard disk can – when it detects that the computer is starting up – boot a small virus, which infects the computer’s operating system prior to boot.

With billions of USB devices out there, we could be facing a serious security situation of enormous proportion. And, don’t expect an immediate fix anytime soon. Your only protection: practice safe sex USB use: only plug in USB devices that you 100% trust into your computer; and, do not plug your USB device into another computer. Sound advice.

Karsten Nohl & Jakob Lell of SR Labs plan to present proof-of-concept tools at BlackHat 2014 on August 7.

Editor’s note: This might or might not become the serious threat that SR Labs describe. But after they have presented their proof-of-concept, I guess any one who wants to will be able (and have the know-how) to exploit this vulnerability. Will this mean that even out-of-the-box USB devices from unreliable sources could be already compromised? Hopefully, the USB Implementers Forum (USB IF, the USB standards body) gets together soon to propose a quick solution.

via ExtremeTech

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MIT Media Lab Develops Display Technology That Automatically Corrects For Vision Defects

Sat August 2, 2014

© Christine Daniloff/MIT - Click to view animation

© Christine Daniloff/MIT – Click to view animation

MIT Media Lab researchers have developed a new display technology that automatically corrects for vision defects and could lead to e-reader and smartphone displays that let users dispense with glasses.

Imagine being able to consult your car’s dashboard-mounted GPS display without putting your glasses on (for far-sighted drivers) or read your tablet’s display without the need for reading glasses.

The vision-correcting display projects slightly different images to different parts of the viewer’s pupil. Using technology the Camera Culture Group has already developed for their glasses-free 3-D displays, two liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) are used in parallel to carefully tailor the images displayed on the LCDs to each other to allow the system to mask perspectives. The researchers plan to incorporate a third project which diagnoses vision defects so that the same device could determine the user’s prescription and automatically correct for it.

The first spectacles were invented in the 13th century. Today, of course, we have contact lenses and surgery, but it’s all invasive in the sense that you either have to put something in your eye, wear something on your head, or undergo surgery. We have a different solution that basically puts the glasses on the display, rather than on your head. It will not be able to help you see the rest of the world more sharply, but today, we spend a huge portion of our time interacting with the digital world.
- Gordon Wetzstein/MIT

Read the whole article at: MIT News

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