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10 O’Clock Smile
10 O'Clock Smile, Videos

10 O’Clock Smile: Paul Simon, Kodachrome and Nikon

Sun January 13, 2013

Here’s a look back to 1973 when Paul Simon immortalized Kodachrome film (and the Nikon camera) with this tongue-in-cheek song. He sure seemed to be a prophet since unfortunately mama did take the Kodachrome away in 2009

Kodachrome, they give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day, oh yeah
I got a Nikon camera, I love to take a photograph
So mama don’t take my Kodachrome away

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10 O'Clock Smile

10 O’Clock Smile: One of them is not a photographer

Sat January 12, 2013

Source: via Photoxels on Pinterest

Click image for a larger version.

10 O'Clock Smile, Videos

10 O’Clock Smile: The Mirrorless Party

Wed December 5, 2012

Late to the party? Party doesn’t start without you? Think again… in this tongue in cheek video about the hottest here-to-stay trend in digital cameras. It’s a joke, but like all good jokes, there’s usually an element of truth in them.

via photorumors

10 O'Clock Smile

10 O’Clock Smile: Photographers Are…

Fri July 13, 2012

Source: via Hansol on Pinterest

And as Anni_V commented: “and we ask you to smile while we do it ;)”

10 O'Clock Smile

10 O’Clock Smile: This is Canada!

Tue June 19, 2012
© NASA Goddard Photo and Video

© NASA Goddard Photo and Video

No, it’s not! Though many of our neighbors to the south think of Canada like this block of ice up North. It’s in fact NASA’s latest high resolution image of the Arctic, Europe, and Asia. How high resolution? Is 11,000 x 11,000 pixels high enough for you?

You have to view it in its original size to appreciate the detail available. I wish Google maps would give us this level of detail.

View the photos at: NASA Flickr

10 O'Clock Smile, Videos

10 O’Clock Smile: Duckling Crossing

Mon August 8, 2011

From beepsnrays

via The Daily What

10 O'Clock Smile, Fun Stuff

10 O’Clock Smile: Stormstrooper hitchhikes across Australia

Tue July 19, 2011

The galactic war is over and what’s an out-of-work Stormtrooper to do?

Paul French, dressed as a Star Wars Stormtrooper, is on a 4,000 kilometre [earth] trek across Australia, from Perth to Sydney. If you see him, honk but a ride you shall not offer — unless you have a storm trooper bike. Otherwise, his plan is to walk 35-40 kilometres a day, 5 days a week, until he reaches Sydney around Christmas.

This Stormtrooper has definitely gone to the right side of the force, aiming to raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Even Obiwan Kanobi would agree that “There’s something to see here and this is the stormtrooper you’re looking for!”

Read the story and view the pictures at: the star.

10 O'Clock Smile, Fun Stuff, Videos

10 O’Clock Smile: Kitten With Overactive Imagination

Mon July 18, 2011

From ignoramusky

If you have ever grown up with kittens, you know they have an overactive imagination. All they need is an excuse to pounce, twirl around and imagine they are facing a worthy foe.

source Neatorama

10 O'Clock Smile, Fun Stuff, Videos

10 O’ Clock Smile: Don’t Trust This Child!

Sat July 16, 2011

From youngdirectoraward

There’s nothing to be said about this video because it is so… unghhh… just watch it!

We warned you… here’s one more:

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10 O'Clock Smile, Fun Stuff

10 O’ Clock Smile: Scared Panda

Mon July 11, 2011

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

A scared panda clings to a police officer’s leg after an earthquake hits China . . . poor little thing!

10 O'Clock Smile, Fun Stuff, Videos

Melvin the Machine Regales with 4 Minutes of Deliciously Crazy Chain Reactions

Fri July 1, 2011

Melvin The Magical Mixed Media Machine from HEYHEYHEY on Vimeo.

Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine (or just Melvin the Machine) can be described as a Rube Goldberg machine with a twist. Besides doing what Rube Goldberg’s do best – performing a simple task as inefficiently as possible, often in the form of a chain reaction – Melvin has an identity. Actually, the only purpose of this machine is promoting its own identity.

10 O'Clock Smile, Fun Stuff, Videos

The iOS 5 Features Apple Didn’t Tell You About

Wed June 8, 2011

From iOSmagic

Appracadabra & SMSalabim! Simon Pierro reveals hidden features (remember the undocumented Windows APIs of a few years back?) which makes the iPad even more magical!

source bitrebels

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