Samsung Won Several Prestigious Honors at the Cannes Lions 2015: “Look at Me” Interactive Camera App Helps Children with Autism; Smartphone App “Backup Memory” Helps Alzheimer’s Patients Via Photos & Videos

Sat June 27, 2015

Samsung Electronics has earned several prestigious honors at the Cannes Lions International festival of creativity 2015 for several creative projects, including:

  • Look at Me: A campaign for an app that helps children with autism to improve their ability to make eye contact.

This video presents [Look At Me] Introducing the Interactive Camera App for Children with Autism (short ver.).

  • Backup Memory: A smartphone app that functions as a memory stimulator for those exhibiting early signs of Alzheimer’s. The app helps patients become aware of their immediate surroundings by identifying nearby family members and friends, and also reminds patients about their relationship with each person and memories they’ve shared in the past through photographs and videos. Furthermore, the app provides the patient with a notification in real time when a related person gets close to the patient as shown in the video below.

The following video presents BACKUP MEMORY SAMSUNG:

How relatives use a mobile app to connect
Alzheimer sufferers to their memories

Backup Memory is available in two languages – English and French – and can be downloaded through Google Play.

However, this isn’t the last of Backup Memory. Azer and his colleagues are working on upgrading the app, adding additional features and brushing up the user interface. One of those features is expected to rely on a smartphone’s GPS signal to provide family members with the real-time location of their loved ones.

“Backup Memory is not exactly a technological breakthrough, but it is definitely a good use of existing technology,” said Azer. “We are satisfied with the progress so far, but we’d like to do more. There is so much good you can do with technology, and I’d like to think that we’re just getting started.”


Cannes Lions 2015: Cannes Falls in Love with Samsung Electronics

June 26, 2015

Samsung Electronics has earned several prestigious honors at the Cannes Lions International festival of creativity 2015 which takes place from June 21 to 27. Cannes Lions is one of the world’s biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry. Last year, Samsung garnered 16 awards at this award.
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Bye Bye iPhoto, Bye Bye Aperture, Hello Photos

Wed April 8, 2015

iPhoto, gone. Aperture, gone soon. New, available today, is Apple’s new photo app called, simply, Photos. Photos is free (but there’s a catch) and replaces both iPhoto and Aperture. The key takeaway here is that, in case you haven’t noticed, Apple is moving everything to the cloud. The pictures you save in Photos live in the cloud, iCloud.

The good news is that your iCloud photo library can be viewed from any device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac), anytime you want. Any edits you make using one device is immediately available to be edited or viewed using another device. Or, view them on It’s instant sharing, no need to wait to get home and upload. All the editing tools you expect are here: straighten the horizon, adjust exposure, brightness and contrast, apply filters, etc.

The bad news is that you have to buy space from Apple iCloud to store all your photos. Like Apple says, “fill your library, not your device.” That library will quickly fill up the free 5GB of iCloud storage Apple gives you. Then you will need to buy more storage space. Storage plans start at $0.99 per month (for 20 GB, $3.99 for 200 GB, $9.99 for 500 GB, and $19.99 for 1TB) and you can go up to 1TB. You can choose to store optimized images or full-size images locally to your mac. We recommend that you save your original full-size images using Finder (or Image Capture) and then decide if you want to import some or all of them in Photos for sharing.

Upgrade to OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 and Photos will be installed. Though the Photos icon will replace the iPhoto icon on the Dock, iPhoto is still available from the Launchpad.

Bye Bye Love. Bye Bye Happiness. Hello Loneliness. — The Everly Brothers.


Olympus Capture Studio Tethering Application is Now Available for Download

Thu September 25, 2014

Following the recent Olympus Capture Studio Tethering Application announcement, Olympus is excited to announce that the application is now live, at no cost, for all OM-D E-M1 users. Combined with the E-M1’s tethered shooting capabilities, the Olympus Capture software allows control from both the camera and the computer, completing the studio photography experience.

You can find more information on the Olympus Capture software here.

This video presents Olympus Capture App.

  • Olympus Capture: Tethered shooting for a more satisfying studio photography experience.

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Celebrate Earth Day 2014: NASA’s #GlobalSelfie Event + Celebratory Events in Canada

Tue April 22, 2014

This video presents “Earth Day 2014 Promo.”

  • Enjoy the beautiful scenery on Earth as NASA takes part in a worldwide celebration of Earth Day.
  • Today, April 22, is #EarthDay. Are you ready for your #GlobalSelfie?
  • Join NASA and the world celebrate environmental awareness with the agency’s #GlobalSelfie event.

NASA: #Global Selfie Sign for Earth Day 2014

NASA: #GlobalSelfie Sign for Earth Day 2014

NASA invites you — and everyone else on the planet — to take part in a worldwide celebration of Earth Day this year with the agency’s #GlobalSelfie event.

Earth Right Now Campaign

  • The year 2014 is a big one for NASA Earth science.
  • Five NASA missions designed to gather critical data about our home planet are launching this year to expand our understanding of Earth’s changing climate and environment.
  • NASA is marking this big year for Earth science with a campaign called Earth Right Now, and as part of this campaign the agency is asking for your help this Earth Day, April 22.

“NASA astronauts brought home the first ever images of the whole planet from space. Now NASA satellites capture new images of Earth every second. For Earth Day we are trying to create an image of Earth from the ground up while also fostering a collection of portraits of the people of Earth. Once those pictures stream around the world on Earth Day, the individual pictures tagged #GlobalSelfie will be used to create a mosaic image of Earth — a new “Blue Marble” built bit by bit with your photos.”

  • On Earth Day, NASA is asking you to step outside and take a picture of yourself wherever you are on Earth. Then post it to social media using the hashtag #GlobalSelfie.
NASA's "Earth Now" App

NASA’s “Earth Now” App

  • NASA’s FREE “Earth Now” Apple and Android app “immerses users in dazzling visualizations of near-real-time global climate data from NASA’s fleet of Earth science satellites.”

Today, April 22, is Earth Day. “What are you doing to show your love for the planet?”

A Nature Conservancy of Canada's Earth Day tribute e-card.

A Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Earth Day tribute e-card.

Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has the following three great ways you can take time for nature and spread some nature love:

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McAfee Mobile Security Receives Highest Rank on Android Mobile Security Lab Report and Enhances Privacy Protection

Tue April 23, 2013

This video presents “McAfee Mobile Security at MWC13″:

  • McAfee Mobile Security Demo at Mobile World Congress 2013
  • McAfee Mobile Security app for Android designed to keep you safe from malware, bad apps and bad websites

McAfee today announced that McAfee Mobile Security, a comprehensive solution for protection against unwanted programs, received a perfect score on the most recent mobile security test by independent research lab AV-Test.

Additionally, McAfee announced that McAfee Mobile Security has been updated with new privacy controls and the option for users to select a monthly subscription for their Android-based smartphones and tablets.

McAfee Mobile Security:

  • combats the privacy threats associated with risky apps:
    • It is now equipped with the most robust privacy protection technology available to consumers

  • scans app permissions
  • checks apps for associations with risky URLs
  • offers App Lock:
    • which allows Android users to protect installed apps against misuse by locking them with the same PIN that’s tied to their McAfee Mobile Security account

  • does not reduce the battery life of a device
  • does not slow down the device during normal usage

Cybercriminals continue to widen their nets with mobile threats to take advantage of the explosion in mobile devices and steal confidential and personal data:

  • Every user requires protection against viruses and malware, data theft and loss, privacy breaches, and Web scams
McAfee's image: an infographic that illustrates Canadian online/mobile surfing habits and concerns

McAfee’s image: an infographic that illustrates Canadian online/mobile surfing habits and concerns

Illustrating the importance of installing security protection on mobile devices, a recent survey released by McAfee Canada and Harris Interactive showed that:

  • 30% of Canadian smartphone/tablet owners do not pay attention to permissions when downloading apps
  • 83% of Canadian smartphone/tablet owners are concerned that their personal information could be stolen while using an app
  • 68% of Canadians connect to free Wi-Fi on any device
  • 92% of Canadians believe there is at least a little risk to personal identity when using free Wi-Fi on a mobile device

A FREE two-week trial of McAfee Mobile Security software is available on Google Play.


McAfee Mobile Security Receives Highest Rank on Android Mobile Security Lab Report by AV-Test

McAfee Mobile Security enhances privacy protection, offers flexibility with monthly subscription option

MARKHAM, Ontario – April 23, 2013 – McAfee today announced that McAfee® Mobile Security, an all-inclusive solution for protection against unwanted programs, received the highest score on the most recent mobile security test by independent research lab AV-Test, putting it at the top of the list of 26 security companies included in the report. In addition, McAfee announced that McAfee Mobile Security has been updated with new privacy controls and the option for users to select a monthly subscription for their Android-based smartphones and tablets.

Mobile devices have become an increasingly attractive target for cybercriminals who are now going to great lengths to insert infected apps into trusted sources such as Google Play. According to the recently released Mobile Security: McAfee Consumer Trends Report, the average consumer has a one in six chance of downloading a risky app. The results from AV-Test’s research demonstrate McAfee’s commitment to providing consumers with the most comprehensive security and privacy solution on the market.

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“Around The World in 9 Days With Tiny Collective:A Touring Instant Lab Mobile Photography Exhibition”Jun.20-28,2013

Thu April 18, 2013

Here is the Impossible Hardware:

Impossible Instant Lab: Turning digital iPhone images into real instant photos. ©Impossible

Impossible Instant Lab: Turning digital iPhone images into real instant photos. ©Impossible


  • saved the last Polaroid production plant for integral instant film in Enschede Netherlands (2008)
  • invented and produced new instant film materials for traditional Polaroid cameras
  • saved analog instant photography from extinction by releasing various, brand new and unique instant films (2010)

The Impossible Instant Lab is:

  • a new analog instant device that turns digital iPhone images into real analog instant photos on Impossible film, using an accompanying Impossible iPhone app
  • one of the very first hardware concepts using the Impossible FPU (Film Processing Unit) which will serve as the basis for a range of new analog instant gear to be introduced in 2013
  • demonstrated in this video which presents “Impossible Instant Lab by The Impossible Project”:

The Impossible Instant Lab is designed to transform any digital image via your iPhone into an instant photo that is exposed using only the light from the display, then processed and developed by chemicals:

  1. Select an image from the Instant Lab app
  2. Place the iPhone in the cradle
  3. Slide open the shutter on the base
    • A signal tells you when the exposure is finished

  4. Close the shutter
  5. Push the button
    • The Instant Lab ejects your photo, ready to develop in the palm of your hand

  6. Collapse the tower and the Instant Lab is fully portable and ready to go

Please click here to get more info and the specifications of the Impossible Instant Lab.

Impossible Project Tiny

Impossible Project Tiny

Impossible Project and Tiny Collective



June 20-28, 2013

New York City / Paris / Los Angeles / Istanbul / Toronto / San Francisco / Dubrovnik / Atlanta / Dubrovnik / Portland

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Watermark Your iPhone Pictures Easily

Thu January 3, 2013

Marksta is an iPhone app that allows you to watermark your pictures in an intuitive way. No Photoshop or editing knowledge required. Tired of seeing others steal his pictures, Photojournalist John D McHugh enlisted the help of a developer to create Marksta. It’s a free download for a limited time.

Reasons to use Marksta

• Add copyright information to your photographs directly from your iPhone before sharing online
• Protect your images from misuse and theft
• Ensure acknowledgement of your creative work
• Safeguard your photos from being designated “orphan works”

via best1001apps


Scott Kelby’s Free iPad Lightning Recipes

Sat March 10, 2012

In this free iPad app, Scott Kelby discusses and demonstrates the professional lighting setups he uses. There are over 20 different shots covered across 13 lessons. Gear guides and complete lighting Diagrams are included, with advice from Scott himself.

Download Scott Kelby’s Lighting Recipes.