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Canon PowerShot SD10 Review

Review Date: Dec 22, 2003

Category: Point-and-Shoot

Canon PowerShot SD10 Digital ELPH - Silver colour

Photoxels Awards
JeansPocket Certified: Easily fits in the front pocket of a pair of jeans

Handling & Feel

The Canon PowerShot SD10 Digital ELPH is an ultra-compact digital camera with dimensions of 90.3W x 47.0H x 18.5D mm (3.56W x 1.85H x 0.73D in.) and weighs 100g (3.53 oz.) without the battery and recording media card. That's smaller (though, of course, not thinner) than a credit card! Following the Digital ELPH tradition, it has an elegant simplicity with clean lines and intuitive controls.

You hold the camera away from you to take a picture because there is no viewfinder. Though ultra-compact, you can hold it quite comfortably with the right hand only but you would probably want to use the fingers of the left hand to stabilize it to prevent camera shake. The shutter release button is soft at half-press (to lock focus and exposure) and does not require undue force to be fully depressed.

There is no optical zoom (only a 5.7x digital zoom), so you need foot power to get your subject closer. The PowerShot SD10 is a quick and easy point-and-shoot digital camera to use, with no appreciable shutter lag.

The battery/memory card door is at the right (when facing the back of the camera) side, and the battery is of a proprietary rechargeable Li-Ion type and smaller than usual. A battery charger comes standard and it plugs directly into the wall outlet. It takes approximately 95 minutes to recharge the battery when fully depleted. Even though you do not need to wait until it is fully depleted to recharge the battery, it might be a good idea to do so because the battery life is 300 charge cycles, before you need to purchase a new battery. Canon also do not recommend that you leave the battery charging in the charger for 24 hours continuously. The rubber terminal cover housing the USB and A/V connectors rotates out of the way to permit easy access to the connectors.

The SD10's 1.5 in. LCD is 78,000 pixels resolution, and is quite adequate, even outdoors. For those who rely on the histogram for an indication of exposure correctness, in Detailed Review mode, a histogram displays.

Santa's Castle: 1/60 sec., F2.8 and ISO Auto with Flash
Santa's Castle
6.4mm, Auto, Evaluative, 1/60 sec., F2.8 and ISO Auto with Flash

You can set the review time a picture displays on screen after you have taken it anywhere from 2 to 10 sec., and a half-press of the shutter release button will instanly revert the camera back to Shooting mode. There's a convenient separate SET button to confirm menu choices and all controls are precise.

The PowerShot SD10 easily fits in a jeans pocket or even shirt pocket. My evaluation camera had a sticker on the box that read, "Includes FREE Case", so there was a soft case included. Not sure if this is standard or whether you have a choice of colour (mine was dark grey; I would have preferred a black one). Even in its case, you'll fit it comfortably in your jeans pocket. The soft case also has a tab with velcro to hang it from your belt. There's no side pocket for an extra battery or SD card.

Overall, the Canon PowerShot SD10 Digital ELPH is elegantly designed with a choice of four different colours: Silver, Iridescent White, Bronze and Piano Black. I find that its slightly elongated shape makes it easier to hold steady than if it had a more squarish shape. Its finish and construction feel high quality.

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