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Canon Digital Cameras


Canon PowerShot Pro1 Review

Review Date: May 4, 2004

Category: Advanced Amateur - Prosumer

Canon PowerShot Pro1



This Canon PowerShot Pro1 review is based on a production model.

Flower Shop: 1/6 sec., F3.5 and ISO 50
Flower Shop (Indoors AWB)
26.3mm, Program AE, Evaluative, 1/6 sec., F3.5 and ISO 50

The Canon PowerShot Pro1 is the top of the line PowerShot model and boasts an impressive array of features certain to please the most demanding photographer. We find the combination of high quality 8MP images, 7x optical wide-angle zoom and professional features, all housed in a compact body a very attractive proposition for the advanced amateur photographer.

The Pro1 has 8 megapixels resolution on a 16.7 mm (2/3 in.) CCD image sensor; bright F2.4 wide-angle 28mm 'L' lens; 7x optical zoom from a wide-angle 28mm to medium telephoto 200mm; a manual zoom/focus ring driven with precision by an Ultrasonic Motor (USM); a large 2-in. swivel LCD; another monochrome Display Panel LCD on top of the camera; and a high resolution, very usable EVF.

Answering to professional photographers' needs, the Pro1 allows images to be saved in RAW file format and provides an internal buffer which allows taking about 4 RAW images in rapid succession before the camera writes to the CompactFlash (CF) memory card.

Other notable features: a built-in ND Filter, Super Macro at 3 cm (1.2 in.), and a Playback Histogram. To indicate overexposure, overexposed areas of the image blink in Playback Mode.

The Pro1 has excellent build. It is housed in a magnesium alloy and high-grade plastic body with a comfortable grip. It looks very professional in black finish.

Image quality is simply excellent.

The Canon PowerShot Pro1 is targeted to professional photographers looking for a compact alternative to their dSLRs as well as to advanced amateur photographers desiring a compact digital camera with the professional features and options usually available only in dSLRs. See if you fit the Canon PowerShot Pro1 User Profile below:

Canon PowerShot Pro1
User Profile
Desire a quality 8 MP resolution 'prosumer' digital camera.
Need maximum flexibility in exposure control.
Want wide-angle coverage as well as medium telephoto.
Want fast response, negligible shutter lag.
Need professional features.
Prefer a compact body with excellent build and finish.

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