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Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / 450D DSLR


Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / 450D
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Category: Serious Amateur

The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / 450D digital SLR features 12.2-megapixel on a 22.2 x 14.8 mm CMOS image sensor. Though outwardly similar to the Digital Rebel XTi / 400D that it is replacing, this digital SLR is much improved with Canon's decision to finally equip it with the features photo enthusiasts require in a DSLR.

In fact, Canon has taken a number of high-end functions and technology from its professional DSLR models and incorporated them into the XSi:

  • improved 9-point wide-area autofocus sensor for fast, accurate focus even in dim lighting;
  • enhanced 14-bit A/D conversion for smooth tones from light to dark colours;
  • advanced Live View function;
  • DIGIC III image processor;
  • Optional Highlight Tone Priority and High-ISO Noise Reduction functions first introduced in 2007 with the EOS-1D Mark III Professional Digital SLR;
  • Auto Lighting Optimizer technology, which corrects image brightness and contrast automatically (introduced last year in the EOS 40D camera, this valuable optional feature now works in all exposure modes and utilizes Face Detection technology to prevent underexposure with backlit faces);
  • true Spot metering (4%) while retaining Center-weighted average metering and partial metering; and,
  • a new optically image stabilized EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens kit.

Though still using a Pentamirror, the viewfinder is larger. There is also an extra large 3.0-in. LCD with a high 230,000 pixels resolution and a wide 170° viewing angle. The larger LCD screen displays larger and more legible text fonts. It also now features Live View, which makes the transition from point-and-shoot (P&S) digital cameras easier. There are two AF modes:

  1. When you use the viewfinder to frame and compose your picture, Quick mode uses the camera’s fast and precise 9-point phase detect AF system for capturing action and for shooting in low light. This standard AF is what makes shooting with a DSLR particularly quick and accurate and differentiates it from the relatively slow-focusing P&S digital cameras.
  2. Live mode uses contrast-detect AF and works just like on a P&S digital camera, allowing you to frame and compose on the LCD screen. This works with any Canon AF lens.

Maximum brightness of the LCD is about 30% brighter. A Display-Off sensor automatically turns the LCD monitor off whenever the camera is at the photographe’s eye. For those occasions when pin-point sharpness is required, 5x and 10x magnification allows precise manual focusing using Live View.

Startup times is near instantaneous, autofocus is fast and shutter lag is minimal. Continuous shooting is 3.5fps (max. of 45 large/fine JPEGs or 6 RAW files).

Canon's EOS Integrated Cleaning System is comprised of three parts to ensure as dust-free a sensor as possible:

  1. It shakes dust particles off of the low-pass filter in front of the sensor. Cleaning is engaged each time the camera is powered up or shut down, or manually through the "clean now" function. This is usually sufficient for most general use.
  2. Post processing on a PC with the supplied Digital Photo Professional software; the camera maps any spots that may remain on the sensor, saving it as Dust Delete Data and subsequently subtracting dust spots from the final image during post processing.
  3. When the camera is used in environments where dust is a constant problem, manual cleaning of the sensor may be required. The Manual sensor cleaning function raises the mirror and allows users to clean dust that may have stuck to the low-pass filter.

Those upgrading from the XT1 / 400D should note that the EOS Rebel XSi now uses SD and SDHC Memory cards (instead of Compact Flash card) and a new high-capacity LP-E5 lithium ion battery pack for longer life.

Canon Digital Rebel XSi / 450D with optional Battery Grip BG-E5

Canon Digital Rebel XSi / 450D with optional Battery Grip BG-E5

The XSi is constructed of a rugged and lightweight combination of stainless steel and polycarbonate embedded with glass fiber. It is fully compatible with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses, as well as EX-series Speedlites, an optional Battery Grip (takes 6 AA batteries or 2 LP-E5 batteries), and remote control and viewfinder accessories.

The EOS XSi / 450D is available in body-only configuration or, for only US $100 more, in a lens kit version which includes everything in the body-only kit plus the EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS zoom lens. Choose silver or black finishes.

The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / 450D should appeal to serious photographers making the jump into DSLR photography; it provides all the pro features they require at an entry-level price tag.

TIPA Award: The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / 450 landed a 2008 TIPA Award as "Best D-SLR Advanced."


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Canon EOS XSi / 450D
QuickFact™ Sheet
  Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / 450DUS | CAN | UK  
  Type Digital, single-lens reflex, AF/AE camera with built-in flash  
  Recording Medium SD memory card, SDHC memory card  
  Image Format 22.2mm x 14.8mm  
  Compatible Lenses Canon EF lenses (including EF-S lenses)
(35mm-equivalent focal length is approx.1.6x the lens focal length)
  Lens Mount Canon EF mount  
  Lens Focal Length Conversion Factor* 1.6  
  Image Sensor    
  Type High-sensitivity, high-resolution, large single-plate CMOS sensor  
  Pixels Effective pixels: Approx. 12.20 megapixels  
  Total Pixels Total pixels: Approx. 12.40 megapixels  
  Aspect Ratio 3:2 (Horizontal : Vertical)  
  Color Filter System RGB primary color filters  
  Low-pass Filter Located in front of the image sensor, non-removable  
  Recording System  
  Recording Format Design rule for Camera File System 2.0  
  Image Format JPEG, RAW (14-bit Canon original) RAW+JPEG  
  File Size (1) Large/Fine : Approx. 4.3MB (4272 x 2848 pixels)
(2) Large/Normal : Approx. 2.2MB (4272 x 2848 pixels)
(3) Medium/Fine : Approx. 2.5MB (3088 x 2056 pixels)
(4) Medium/Normal: Approx. 1.3MB (3088 x 2056 pixels)
(5) Small/Fine : Approx. 1.6MB (2256 x 1504 pixels)
(6) Small/Normal : Approx. 0.8MB (2256 x 1504 pixels)
(7) RAW : Approx. 15.3 MB (4272 x 2848 pixels)
Exact file sizes depend on the subject, ISO speed, Picture Style, etc.
  White Balance
  Settings Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, White Fluorescent Light, Flash, Custom  
  Color Temperature Compensation White balance correction: ±9 stops in full-stop increments White balance bracketing: ±3 stops in full-stop increments
Blue/amber direction or magenta/green direction possible
  Type Eye-level pentamirror  
  Coverage Vertical/Horizontal approx. 95%  
  Magnification Approx. 0.87x (-1m with 50mm lens at infinity)  
  Eyepoint Approx. 19mm (from eyepiece lens center)  
  Dioptric Adjustment Correction -3.0 to +1.0 diopter  
  Mirror Quick-return half mirror (Transmission: reflection ratio of 40:60, no mirror cut-off with EF600mm f/4L IS USM or shorter lenses)  
  Viewfinder Information AF information (AF points, focus confirmation light), exposure information (shutter speed, aperture, AE lock, exposure level, ISO speed, exposure warning), flash information (flash ready, high-speed sync, FE lock, flash exposure compensation), monochrome shooting, white balance correction, maximum burst, SD memory card information  
  Depth-of-Field Preview Enabled with depth-of-field preview button  
  Type TTL secondary image-registration, phase detection  
  AF Points 9 AF points  
  AF Working Range EV -0.5-18 (at 73°F/23°C, ISO 100)  
  Focusing Modes One-Shot AF, AI Servo AF, AI Focus AF, Manual focusing (MF)  
  AF Point Selection Automatic selection, manual selection  
  Selected AF Point Display Superimposed in viewfinder and indicated on LCD monitor  
  AF-assist Beam Small series of flashes fired by built-in flash
Effective range: Approx. 4.0m/13.1 ft. at center, approx. 3.5m/11.5 ft. at periphery
  Exposure Control    
  Metering Modes

35-zone TTL full-aperture metering:
• Evaluative metering (linkable to any AF point)
• Partial metering (approx. 9% of viewfinder at center)
• Spot metering (approx. 4% of viewfinder at center)
• Center-weighted average metering

  Metering Range EV 1-20 (at 73°F/23°C with EF50mm f/1.4 USM lens, ISO 100)  
  Exposure Control Systems Program AE (Full Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Night Portrait, Flash Off, Program), shutter-priority AE, aperture-priority AE, depth-of-field AE, manual exposure, E-TTL II autoflash  
  ISO Speed Range Basic Zone modes: ISO 100-800 set automatically
Creative Zone modes: ISO 100-1600 (in 1-stop increments), Auto
  Exposure Compensation Manual: ±2 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments (can be combined with AEB)
AEB: ±2 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments
  AE Lock Automatic: When focus achieved with evaluative metering and One-Shot AF
Manual: By AE lock button
  Type Electronically-controlled, focal-plane shutter  
  Shutter Speeds 1/4000 sec. to 1/60 sec., X-sync at 1/200 sec.
1/4000 sec. to 30 sec., bulb (Total shutter speed range. Available range varies by shooting mode.)
  Shutter Release Soft-touch electromagnetic release  
  Self-timer 10-sec. or 2-sec. delay or 10-sec. delay plus continuous shooting  
  Remote Control Remote Switch RS-60E3
Remote Controller RC-1/RC-5
  Built-in Flash    
  Type Retractable, auto pop-up flash  
  Guide Number 13/43 (ISO 100, in meters/feet)  
  Recycling Time Approx. 3 sec.  
  Flash-ready Indicator Flash-ready icon lights in viewfinder  
  Flash Coverage 17mm lens angle of view  
  Flash Exposure Compensation ±2 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments  
  External Speedlite    
  EOS External Flash or Dedicated Speedlites E-TTL II autoflash with EX Series Speedlites  
  PC Terminal N/A  
  Drive System    
  Continuous Shooting Speed Max. approx. 3.5 shots/sec. (single shots possible)  
  Max. Burst During Continuous Shooting JPEG (Large/Fine): Approx. 53, RAW: Approx. 6
RAW+JPEG (Large/Fine): Approx. 4
Based on Canon's testing standards with a 2GB SD memory card, ISO 100, and Standard Picture Style
Varies depending on the subject, SD memory card brand, image-recording quality, etc.
  LCD Monitor    
  Type TFT color liquid-crystal monitor  
  Screen Monitor size 3.0 in.  
  Pixels Approx. 230,000 pixels  
  Coverage Approx. 100%  
  Brightness Control 7 levels provided  
  Image Display Format Single image, Single image + Image-recording quality, shooting information, histogram, 4- or 9-image index, magnified view (approx. 1.5x-10x), rotated image, image jump (by 1/10/100 images, or shooting date)  
  Highlight Alert Provided (Overexposed highlights blink)  
  Image Protection and Erase    
  Protection Single images can be erase-protected or not  
  Erase Single image, check-marked images, or all images in the card can be erased (except protected images) at one time  
  Direct Printing from the Camera Enabled with the Print/Share button  
  Compatible Printers PictBridge-compatible printers  
  Power Source    
  Battery Battery Pack LP-E5 (Quantity 1)
AC power can be supplied via AC Adapter Kit ACK-E5
With Battery Grip BG-E5, size-AA batteries can be used
  Number of Shots
Temperature Shooting Conditions
No flash 50% flash use
At 73° F/23° C approx. 600 approx. 500
At 32° F/0° C approx. 500 approx.400


  Battery Check Automatic  
  Power Saving Provided. Power turns off after 30 sec., 1, 2, 4, 8, or 15 min.  
  Back-up Battery Built-in secondary battery  
  Operating Environment    
  Operating Temperature Range 32-104°F/0-40°C  
  Operating Humidity Range 85% or less  
  Working Conditions    
  Operating Temperature Range 32-104°F/0-40°C  
  Operating Humidity Range 85% or less  
  What's in the Box    


(Accessories included may vary by country.
Please check with your local Canon representative to confirm product availability.)

• Rebel XSi Body (Black or Silver)
• Eyecup Ef
• Wide Strap EW-100DBIII
• Video Cable VC-100
• USB Interface Cable IFC-200U
• Battery Pack LP-E5
• Battery Charger LC-E5
• EOS Digital Solution Disk and Instruction Manuals
• "Great Photography is Easy" Booklet and "Do More with Macro" Booklet
  Dimensions and Weight    
  Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 128.8 x 97.5 x 61.9mm /
5.1 x 3.8 x 2.4 in.
  Weight (body only) 475g / 16.8 oz. (body only)  

US$799.99 (or US $899.99 with kit lens)


Note: Note: All the specifications above are based on Canon's Standard Test Method.
The camera's specifications and physical appearance are subject to change without notice.


Product technical specifications (including MSRP and Included Accessories) are as represented by the manufacturer and subject to manufacturer's change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer. Product color availability and included accessories may also differ by country or area. Please verify the latest specs from the appropriate manufacturer's site.

Before you buy, do your homework and verify a seller's reputation. One source you may want to check with is Resellerratings.com. And remember, if a price seems to good to be true, it probably is.


Though we make every effort to strive for accuracy in reproducing these specs, we do occasionally make mistakes, so verify with the manufacturer's site for the latest specs. Also, in the early stages of a product introduction, you can almost guarantee there will be some errors from the manufacturers themselves as they update their sites. If you see any mistakes, please contact us. We do appreciate your writing in with the corrections and thank you in advance!


Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi / 450D

With EF-S 18-55mm Lens Black

With EF-S 18-55mm Lens Silver

Body Only Black

Body Only Silver

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