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Dressed To Wow!

All dressed up for that special occasion and wondering whether to bring your digital camera or not? Let's face it: there are not too many digital cameras that are dressed as well as you are. They are too big, do not fit into your coat pocket or fashion purse, and they just look too, well, techie.... But wait! There are a couple of digital cameras that may well be dressed better than you are -- and are easy to use, too. We feature two in this article.


Minolta DiMAGE Xt

Minolta DiMAGE XtThe first thing you notice about the Minolta DiMAGE Xt is how small and thin it is. Yet, Minolta engineers have suceeded in equipping it with 3.2 megapixels resolution and a 3x optical zoom in a body only 0.8 in. (or 20mm) thick (or, should we say, thin)! A clever arrangement with the lens positioned vertically within the camera means that the lens movement occurs inside the camera, hence no protruding optics!

You can easily fit the Minolta Xt in your fashion purse, coat pocket, pants pocket, or even shirts pocket, and forget it is even there.

Dimensions: 85.5 x 67 x 20 mm / 3.4 x 2.6 x 0.8 in.
Weight: 120g / 4.3 oz.

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Canon PowerShot SD10 Digital ELPH

Canon PowerShot SD10 Digital ELPHCanon has shrunk the Digital ELPH series into an ultra thin, ultra compact design in the PowerShot SD10 Digital ELPH. The PowerShot SD10 makes a strong fashion statement with its availability in 4 different colours: Silver, Iridescent White, Bronze and Piano Black. Canon is targeting the fashion-conscious "couture" crowd who desires the latest "must-have" accessory with the famous Canon image quality.

The Canon SD10 is also small and light enough to fit into your fashion purse, coat pocket, pants pocket, or shirts pocket.

Dimensions: 90.3 x 47.0 x 18.5 mm / 3.56 x 1.85 x 0.73 in.
Weight: 100g / 3.53 oz.

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