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DigIT reviews the Leica M8 Digital

DIWA Awards member DigIT has just published their review of the Leica M8 Digital. [Editor's note: review is in norwegian.] The Leica M8 features 10.3MP resolution on an APS-sized CCD (18x27mm), an optical viewfinder/rangefinder with automatic parallax compensation, Aperture-Priority and full Manual modes, a 2.5-in. (230K) LCD monitor, and RAW data capture in an all-metal body construction. Here is Kai Thon's summary of his review [translated into English]:

Leica M8 DigitalThe Leica M8 is a unique camera in many respects, first of all because of its combination of a conservative, traditional exteriour, virtually identical to its analogue siblings, and a high-tech interiour.

Its 10 MP image resolution and first class Leica lenses are a superb foundation for outstanding image quality. However, the image is a bit more complex than that. This a photographer's tool, exclusively for those who shoot RAW, and certainly not a fancy show-off piece to match the Rolex and the Jaguar.

The price tag alone will obviously discourage most amateurs from considering buying the Leica M8. That's all right, because with JPEG you can't tell that the pictures come from one of the finest and most expensive cameras available. There are far cheaper cameras out there that performs a lot better. Besides, who wants a modern camera without autofocus and programmed exposure? That's right, only the dedicated Leica enthusiast who prefers to do it the old-fashioned way.


[ Read the whole Leica M8 Digital review at ]

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