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About Us

Photoxels provides unbiased reviews, news, and specifications about the latest and best digital cameras. It includes a buyer's guide, easy-to-understand digital photography tutorials, a brief history of cameras and a glossary of digital photography terms.

Photoxels was founded in 2002 by MyKhanh Wong (Owner, Publisher, Chief Editor) and Yin Wong (Contributing Editor), the editors behind Photoxels.

The name PHOTOXELS derives from PHOTOgraphy and digital piXELS.

4 Easy Steps

  1. Read our QuickFact Sheets about the best digital cameras for a quick tour of what's available. We add new models as they are introduced so you are always up-to-date.
  2. Browse our Reviews Matrix and read the best digital camera reviews you can find on the Web. Get a second opinion, or even a third, before making your purchase decision.
  3. You don't have to buy from us (get the best deal you can, online or at a store, but be sure to shop only at a reputable dealer). If you do wish to support this site, we are affiliated with Amazon.com and Shopping.com (Dealtime) for some of the best deals (and guarantee) on the Internet. Your shopping clicks through a link on our site to Amazon.com or Shopping.com (by the way, any product, camera and otherwise, qualifies) generate a referral fee for us (without affecting the price you pay). Thanks in advance for your support!
  4. Finally, read our easy-to-understand articles and digital photography tutorials to make the most of your purchase. Unlike many tutorials that strive to be just "technically correct," we focus on being technically correct in plain language. Many readers write that our tutorials are among the clearest and easiest-to-understand they have ever read, period.

Positioning Statement

The unique proposition behind Photoxels is to help you, our readers, become better photographers: our concise fact sheets and helpful digital camera reviews provide you with the information you need to make an informed purchase decision; our buyer's guide helps you go through the process of figuring out the best digital camera for you based on your needs, wants, and available budget; our reliable e-tailer partners make it easy for you to make a purchase with confidence; and, our tutorials help you make the most of your purchase.

Target Audience

Our target audience is beginner and serious amateur photographers.

We report only the news we believe are relevant to our target audience -- sparing them the chore of having to sift through mountain loads of chatter and static to find the really good stuff.

Our goal is to help you become better informed, better grounded in what's important; equip you to know what you like, which digital camera is right for you so you are not buffeted by doubts and constant need for reassurance about whether you made the right purchase decision; and, help you improve yourself in the art of digital photography. All the while having fun in the process!

Disclaimers: Our Errors & Making Your Own Decision

Though we try to be very careful about the information we put on this site, errors may creep in and manufacturers may change specifications. Included accessories vary by country. Please verify with the manufacturer's site for the latest specifications before making your purchase.

Readers often ask us for digital camera recommendations. We cannot recommend which digital camera is the best one for you because there are too many personal variables to consider. Our digital camera buyer's guide reflects our thinking on this matter, and our hands-on digital camera reviews clearly identify the relevant strengths and weaknesses of each digital camera. Do not base your purchase decision on our personal opinions alone; by all means, get a second opinion. You are the best person to decide which digital camera is best for you.

[Verify a reseller's reputation at Resellerratings.com]


We work long hours (in the wee hours of the night and on week-ends) to bring you this site, and we do need support from our readers. If you have found this site useful, we do ask you to consider showing your support in one or more of the following ways:

  • Purchase from our advertisers. We earn a small commision for every purchase you make, which goes to pay for web hosting fees. You have to surf through the links on our site, and you are not limited to purchasing digital cameras only: CDs, DVDs, books, toys, apparel, even pots and pans -- anything on amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca, and Shopping.com (and our other advertisers), including the proverbial kitchen sink, is game. Thanks in advance!
  • Tell a friend about us. If you enjoy this site, and you know a friend who also will, then why don't you take a minute right now to ensure that he or she also starts enjoying the news, reviews and tutorials this site provides. If you have a web site, tell your readers about us.
  • Make a donation through Paypal.


All trademarks, service marks, and Copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

All content and image samples on this site are the property of Photoxels.

Visitors may download a copy of an image sample and print it on their personal printers for their own convenience reading. Images may be downloaded once for examination. Other than this explicit usage, content and images may not be reproduced and/or distributed in any form without express written consent of Photoxels.

You may link back to one of our articles and copy a portion of it (no hard and fast rule how many words, but be reasonable: one short paragraph, and certainly not a whole page) or paraphrase it -- as long as you clearly link back to the original article in question. You may not link to our site inside a frame on your site or give the impression any of the content on this site originates from your site. All content and images (including screen capture) are copyrighted and may not be used without permission of the editors of Photoxels.

Read our Privacy Statement here.

There, we got the obligatory legal stuff out of the way!

But seriously, we hope you enjoy Photoxels. Thank you for visiting and we hope you will tell your friends about us!

MyKhanh & Yin

Feedback from our readers:

Looking for tips on exposure and how to correct blurr when using a long lens in low light. Your site has the most informative, easy-to-read-and-understand articles on ISO, exposure, etc. I was very happy to find your site. Thank You Well done.
-- Brian E.

Looking for Digital Cameras and found your article [Fundamentals] extremely useful and full of simple explanations. Please keep up the good work.
-- Ashley T.

Understanding and using the histogram on digital camera. I just purchased my first digital 3 weeks ago. Your article (I have read others) has given me the best and quickest understanding of how to use a histogram. Thank you.
-- Pierre

Looking for histogram tutorial -- this was the first out of several that explained it clearly to a novice. thanks,
-- Mark

Looking for histogram explanation. Thanks. I get it now!!!
-- Sue

Just wanted to congratulate you on a terrific web site. I recently purchased a Nikon D100 and found some terminology hard to understand. After reading your tutorials they are becoming easier, you guys explain them so the amateur can understand. I still have a long way to go, years I expect, but now I have your web site it's much more enjoyable, hopefully I will be taking better photo's in the not to distant future. Regards
-- Cathy T. (Sydney, Australia)

Fantastic article [Low-Light Exposure]. Lot to digest, but you anticipated my questions, clarified concisely and simply enuf for a beginner such as myself- Thanks!!
-- Jane

I was looking for reviews on digital cameras and I found exactly what I was looking for! Thank You!
-- Bita

I am just starting to look for a digital camera that will capture distant wildlife images better than my current one. I needed to first learn what is the difference in optical & digital zooms. You gave me just what I was looking for on this beginning of my quest. Thanks much!
-- Nancy

Thank you! you might have saved a marriage and helped us capture great pictures of our grandkids!!!!!!
-- Maria A. P.

Optical zoom cameras vs. digital zoom. Yours is the best site I have come across. I have used a digital camera for the past 4 years, and have learned more from your tutorials in a few hours than during all that time using my camera. I plan to buy a new one with 10x optical zoom. Keep up the good work. I'm a Canadian also.
-- Bill F.

Clear aperture explanation. I love you!
-- Eli


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