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July, 2014
Weird Stuff

Leica Lens Holder Turns Leica Lens Into A Stability-Enhancing Handle

Fri July 29, 2011
Leica Lens Holder M

Leica Lens Holder M

OK,I don’t know if the title made any sense to you but the whole thing does not make sense to me. I will speak slowly: this is a lens holder — made by Leica — that needs the use of a second lens — also made by Leica — to be used together as a stability-enhancing handle — for the Leica MP and M7 cameras. Comprende?

According to Leica, the “Leica Lens Holder M allows you to keep a complete mini photo outfit – a camera and two lenses – hanging on your carrying strap and ready for use.” You simply screw it into the tripod bushing, insert a second lens into its bayonet mount, and use the contraption as a stability-enhancing handle or as a mini tripod. The M system lens holder fits all analogue Leica M models except the Leica M5. If I may say so, that’s probably the most expensive mini tripod I’ve ever seen.

Yes, I checked and it’s not April 1st. Not only did someone at Leica come up with the idea — but it got approved!

View the Leica Lens Holder @ Leica.

source dvice

Firmware Updates

Leica S2 Firmware Update FW

Thu July 28, 2011
Leica S2

Leica S2


Solms, Germany (July 28, 2011) – Leica Camera AG has released a new firmware update for the Leica S-System, FW All Leica S2 and S2-P cameras will now be supplied with the latest firmware version. Users wishing to bring their camera up-to-date can download the firmware update from the “Owners Area” on the Leica website and take advantage of the latest improvements.

The firmware update FW includes a revision of the setting procedure for auto-bracketing. Now, the shutter-release button must only be pressed once to activate the full bracketing sequence. This function is particularly useful for shooting bracketed exposures for HDR post-processing. Additionally, the menu-control button at the top right of the camera can now be programmed to carry out a custom function, allowing users quick access to settings. This improvement gives photographers a further opportunity to customize the Leica S2 and S2-P to meet their individual needs and demands.

For installation instructions and to download firmware update FW, please visit:

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Press Releases

Velbon Announces GEO Series Professional Tripods and the ULTREK Compact Travel Tripod

Thu July 28, 2011
Velbon GEO E635 Tripod

Velbon GEO E635 Tripod

With the long weekend calling for great weather, photographers are getting ready to head out and capture the second half of summer. But before heading outdoors it’s important to remember to bring gear that will give you a steady hand so you don’t miss that perfect shot. Gentec International has some great NEW gear that will help take your photography experience this weekend to the next level.

The new Velbon ULTREK 45L compact travel tripod, featuring innovative reverse-folding legs is the perfect outdoor travel companion. Sturdy, lightweight and unique with its reverse-folding leg design, the ULTREK 45L is ideal for photographers looking for an ultra-compact tripod that offers full-size functionality.

For those looking for a professional tripod Gentec International introduces several additions to its line of premium Velbon tripods, including the professional GEO series tripods and four new tripod heads. The GEO series is constructed from a unique carbon fibre and basalt composite material, giving the legs superior strength and rigidity while being lightweight and easy to handle. The new models include a multi-use pochette/strap that can slip over the end of the tripod legs for comfortable transport and can double as a stone bag for added stability in windy conditions. Additionally, the four new tripod heads offer photographers a choice of sizes and styles that will suit their needs for both video and still images.

Read the Press Releases

Press Releases

Blurb Updates iPhone and iPad Apps with Story Stream

Thu July 28, 2011

Blurb Mobile’s Story Stream Instantly Shares Your Personal Media Stories With Your Friends

Blurb Mobile also introduces an enhanced and optimized version for the iPad

San Francisco, Calif. — July 28, 2011 — Blurb, the global creative publishing platform today announced a significant social update to its popular iPhone application, Blurb Mobile. Designed to enable easy story creation using personal media, including photos, videos and audio, the app now boasts new features including, Story Stream, where friends can instantly share and comment on each others stories anywhere and anytime using their iPhones.

To share media stories, customers can access their Facebook and Twitter network and automatically connect to their friends list, as well as other Blurb Mobile storytellers, who can be added and followed via the new Story Stream channel. As soon as a story has been posted, friends will be able to view it and provide immediate feedback using Blurb Mobile’s new text commenting feature. Bringing real time personal media story channels to the iPhone introduces a new direction for social sharing.

“Each day amazing new stories are being created and shared via the Blurb Mobile app. We have seen the real time announcement of a baby’s birth broadcast out to friends and families, travels to remote locations including ambient sound and video shared with the folks back home, and professional designers capturing and sharing ideas to send to their clients,” said Eileen Gittins, CEO and Founder of Blurb. “With this new social version of Blurb Mobile, your friends’ stories show up automatically in your Story Stream on your iPhone, iPad or on the Web; it really is the next best thing to being there.”

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War Is Personal: Photography’s Personal Cost

Thu July 28, 2011

When are you just a photographer, doing your job, documenting the sufferings of the people around you? Photographers Don McCullin and Eugene Richards discuss what it means to them to be war photographers, witnessing the sufferings and cruelty of war. And why McCullin chose not to take a photo of the execution of a North Vietnamese soldier.

Read the article and listen to Photography’s Personal Cost @ PDN Pulse.


DCVIEWS Says Goodbye

Thu July 28, 2011

Sebastian Pennings has decided that, after 10 years of serving its dedicated community of photographers, it was time to stop publishing. He cites Web-pollution and other lowering of standards in the quality of camera reviews as the main reason behind this decision. He also believes there are enough good review sites out there to support an increasingly sophisticated photography community. DCVIEWS will remain open until the end of the year.

Our DCViews website will remain operational until the end of this year to service as a historic reference for digital cameras and the associated reviews.

We thank you all for your continued support over all these years and wish you all the best in your digital photography endeavors.

Sebastian Pennings

We’ve enjoyed DCVIEWS reviews and have featured them here. We hope they will reconsider and maybe reinvent themselves into a new site, perhaps dedicated to a narrower section of the photography community. So, Good Luck to Sabastian Pennings and his team and here’s our best wishes to their future Web pursuits!

Read the article at: DCVIEWS.


Lane Cutting Causes Accident, Recorded on Video

Thu July 28, 2011

From goonerGT

A BMW cuts between two cars on the highway and causes an accident, which is caught on video.

Since we can’t see the BMW on the right, and the car videotaping must have been going really fast (it’s passing traffic), the BMW must have been right beside it on the right. Which begs the questions: was there a race going on and why was there a video recording? Just asking.

source wheels

Reviews on the Web

Canon EOS Rebel T3 / 1100D Review @ DigitalCameraReview

Thu July 28, 2011
Canon EOS Rebel T3 / 1100D

Canon EOS Rebel T3 / 1100D

The Canon T3 looks and feels like any other entry-level DSLR, but great video and image quality place it at the top of the class.

We’ve added a new Canon EOS Rebel T3 / 1100D [QuickPrice Check] Review to our Reviews Matrix.

DigitalCameraReview has published their review of the Canon EOS Rebel T3 / 1100D Family DSLR camera with 12.2MP resolution on a large APS-C CMOS image sensor, 2.7-in. (230k-dot) LCD display screen, ISO range of 100-6400, and HD 720p Movie 1280×720 at 30fps.

Read the Canon EOS Rebel T3 / 1100D Review @ DigitalCameraReview.

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Search for more reviews:


Walk The CN Tower, Outside, 365m Above The Ground

Thu July 28, 2011

From CanadaLands

It’s called EdgeWalk and it’s opening August 2011. For CAD $175, you strap on a harness, step out on the edge at the top of Toronto’s CN Tower, and walk around the 360° Restaurant on the edge — literally hanging off that strap, which you hope will hold your weight. If you slip, that strap will be your only life line preventing you from free falling 356m (1,168 feet) to the ground below.

Interested? Read more about the EdgeWalk.

Behind The Scenes, Videos

Androp Uses 250 DSLRs With Flashes as Stage Backdrop

Thu July 28, 2011

From andropmusic

As far as originality goes, this gets the prize. Japanese band Androp decides to use 250 Canon EOS 60D DSLRs equipped with external speedlites (and arranged in a 25 x 10 grid) as their stage backdrop. The whole contraption is controlled by Arduino software.

The making of androp「Bright Siren」music video. 250 cameras & strobos were controlled by a program to create the light animation. This video does not use any CG.
Director: Masashi Kawamura + Qanta Shimizu + Masatsugu Nagasoe
camera support: Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

【androp「Bright Siren」Special site (PC only)】

source fstoppers

And here’s the result:

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Noktor Testing Full Frame HyperPrime F0.95

Thu July 28, 2011
Noktor HyperPrime 50mm F0.95 (mFT and E-mount)

Noktor HyperPrime 50mm F0.95 (mFT and E-mount)

We don’t have a picture of the Full Frame model but can only assume it should look similar to the current mFT and E-mount model.

Noktor currently has an ultra fast HyperPrime 50mm F0.95 lens for Micro Four Thirds and E-mount. The HyperPrime 50mm F0.95 optics are manufactured in Japan and assembled in Hong Kong. It’s a fully manual focus lens. The lens apparently covers the entire image sensor and does not produce any vignetting.

In this picture here, the lens can be seen attached to the Panasonic GH1.

Would you want it for another lens mount? Then go answer their survey and view some of the images captured with this lens at: Noktor Gallery.

And, in its latest tweet, Noktor has announced that it is in fact testing a full frame HyperPrime F0.95. We can only assume it is also going to be 50mm.

source Photo Rumors

Fun Stuff, Videos

Take A Virtual Motocycle Ride With The GoPro Motorsports Hero 5 WIDE

Thu July 28, 2011

Test camera hero zx6r 09 from MEYER sebastien on Vimeo.

If you’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, this video gives you a pretty convincing virtual experience.

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