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July, 2014
Behind The Scenes, Videos

Shooting Blue Marlin Behind The Scenes

Mon May 30, 2011

From hydraulicphoto

Marc Montocchio gives us a behind the scenes look at what it took to get still images of a free swimming Blue Marlin in St. Thomas.

source fstoppers

Featured Site

The Amazing Iron Artwork of Mattia Trotta

Mon May 30, 2011
"come bambini come fratelli" Courtesy copy; Mattia Trotta

"come bambini come fratelli" Courtesy copy; Mattia Trotta

Our Featured Site is that of artist Mattia Trotta. His study in industrial mechanical engineering, specializing in technology and industrial production, reflects his approach to the world of visual arts. He leverages his technical expertise and knowledge of materials, to shape iron wires into works of art.

Visit Our Featured Site: Mattia Trotta.

source amusingplanet


Vintage Leica Sells for $1.9M

Sun May 29, 2011

From WestLichtVienna

You don’t have to understand German; just watch the number at the top right of the screen, the one in “Euro.” At the 1M Euro mark, people in the audience turn to see who it is. You could place your bid by being present in the room or place it by phone. Eventually, the Leica camera was sold for 1.1M Euro which is equivalent to $1.9M using the conversion rate on the day of the sale.

Leica 0-Serie 1923

Leica 0-Serie 1923

According to AP, this Leica is the most expensive camera ever sold. The bid started at euro200,000 ($286,000) and eventually went to a private Asian collector.

I kind of seriously doubt modern-day Leicas will ever be worth that much in the future.

source leicarumors


Beautiful, Colorful Burano, Venezia

Sun May 29, 2011

Around Venezia from Icam on Vimeo.

I love colors. But I could not magine living in a town where colors were so abundant and everywhere, like in Burano, Venezia, Italy. It’s beautiful, though, and a photographer’s dream.

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II.

View more colorful images of Burano at: Google Images.

Fun Stuff, Videos

Very Large Telescope HD Timelapse of Universe

Sun May 29, 2011

From NikoBustos

This is a VLT (Very Large Telescope) timelapse filmed in HD of our universe. It was taken in Cerro Paranal, II Region, Chile at an altitude of 2635m.

ALL IMAGES: ( taken on location by Stephane Guisard and Jose Francisco Salgado.

ESO/S. Guisard (

ESO/José Francisco Salgado (

MUSIC SCORE: “We Happy Few” – The Calm Blue Sea (2008) — but I believe it’s much more majestic with the sound muted.

It is a very large file and you may want to wait for it all to load before playing it. The way I do this is I start the video and as it starts, I pause it. You’ll notice that the video still gets loaded in the background. I select 360p as my PC will choke at 720p HD, but if your machine has the CPU power, go for it.

source popsci

Articles, Videos

Tabletop Product Lighting With Mirrors

Sun May 29, 2011

From prophotolife

Here’s a DIY studio setup for product photography. What’s interesting here is the use of only one light and small mirrors and reflectors to add accent light where needed. No fancy stuff to build, no expensive equipment.

Check out the other video tutorials on the site, all about lighting.

Fun Stuff, Videos

The Milky Way Project: The Hunt For Bubbles

Sun May 29, 2011

The Milky Way Project – Getting Started from The Zooniverse on Vimeo.

285,611 images served · 380,014 bubbles drawn · 35,124 possible star clusters · 15,765 candiate galaxies · 867,287 other objects

What are you waiting for? Summer is almost here and your teens are going to be out of school. They don’t know what to do? How about hunt for planets, stars, nebulae and galaxies? Simply by looking at actual pictures of space taken by the Galactic Legacy Infrared Mid-Plane Survey Extraordinaire (GLIMPSE) and the Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer Galactic Plane Survey (MIPSGAL) and flag interesting characteristics with a bubble! It’s simple and fun.

Visit the Milky Way Project.

Fun Stuff

Pictures from Toronto Doors Open 2011

Sat May 28, 2011

We went to visit Toronto Doors Open today and the weather was great!

There were 137 places listed in our guide but we got to only… two venues! But they were both worth the visit.

See if you can guess where these photos are taken (mouseover for the answer):

R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant

Is this a fancy hotel lobby?

City of Toronto Archives

Rows and rows of boxes from here to infinity

You can view more pictures — and participate in the contest — at: Flickr.


Toronto Doors Open 2011 Printable Guide

Sat May 28, 2011

Here’s the guide to the Toronto Doors Open 2011 (May 28 and 29): PDF [763 KB].

source thestar


Yuri Arcurs’ New Microstock Photography Studio

Sat May 28, 2011

From YuriArcurs

If you shoot microstock photography, you are competing against Yuri Arcurs, probably the #1 microstock photographer in the world. How does he do it? Take a tour of his new studio. The old one can be viewed here.

Not only does Yuri openly show you his studio and the equipment he uses, but he also tells you how to start and what it takes to succeed. It’s a bit like the Labor Day parade in Moscow (or, China today): shock potential competitors into submission by showing your much greater strength.

There’s an interesting discussion over at reddit on whether you can support yourself just doing microstock photography.

source reddit

Reviews on the Web

This Week’s (May 21-27, 2011) Digital Camera Review Roundup

Sat May 28, 2011

Here is this week’s (May 21-27, 2011) digital camera review roundup:

Continue Reading »

Behind The Scenes, Fun Stuff, Videos

Unquestionable British Tradition Behind The Scenes

Sat May 28, 2011

From brooksengland

In the same woods where Harry Potter and Robin Hood were filmed, Brooks England photographed and filmed their bicycle saddle campaign with the help of a tamed fox and hounds. Notice that the shots of the fox were done separately from those of the running hounds, then photoshopped together in the final shot.

source fstoppers

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