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Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Evading Burma’s Secret Police: How the Time Aung San Suu Kyi Cover Was Shot

Thu December 30, 2010

Portrait photographer Platon describes how he and Time reporter Hannah Beech got to interview and photograph Burmese Nobel Prize-winner Aung San Suu Kyi.

Read the story at: PDN


Kodachrome: 1935-2010

Thu December 30, 2010
Dwayne's Photo to process last roll of Kodachrome Thursday

Dwayne's Photo to process last roll of Kodachrome Thursday

For Kodachrome fans, the road ends at Dwayne’s Photo in Kansas today. Kodak stopped making Kodachrome films and officially stopped producing the chemicals needed to develop the film last year. Dwayne’s Photo is the last photo lab where you could send your kodachrome films for development, and Thursday [today] it will process its last roll, belonging to Dwayne Steinle, the owner. The last frame will be a picture of all the employees standing in front of Dwayne’s wearing shirts with the epitaph: “The best slide and movie film in history is now officially retired. Kodachrome: 1935-2010.”

source NYTimes

Fun Stuff

How Big Is Vietnam’s Mammoth Cavern? A Skyscraper Could Fit.

Thu December 30, 2010
Vietnam Hang Son Doong Cave

Vietnam Hang Son Doong Cave

Vietnam’s Hang Son Doong is a mammoth cavern so big that a Skyscraper could fit with room to spare! In fact, a half-mile block of 40-story buildings could easily fit inside the series of connected caves, making this probably the world’s biggest subterranean passage. Though the cave can be safely explored in the dry season (November to April), the rainy monsoon season brings high waters and floods the underground river, making the cave impassable.

View the gallery at: National Geographic.

Fun Stuff, Videos

Polar bears get the better of spy cameras

Thu December 30, 2010

From Jascender

To document polar bears in their natural icy habitat, spy cameras able to withstand -40°C temperatures — and disguised as floating ice (‘iceberg cam’), snow (‘snow cam’), block of ice gliding on skis (‘blizzard cam’), snowball (‘snowball cam’), snowdrift (‘drift cam’) — are used. Apparently the disguise is not good enough and the polar bears see right through the deception.

source BBC News

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